Pain Relief And You: 4 Important Reasons Why You Should Seek A Doctor’s Advice

When pain occurs, it can be due to a number of varying reasons, and affect us to different degrees. Most doctors categorise levels of pain into three main types: mild pain, which might be a headache or a grumbling stomach; moderate pain, which may be the result of a minor injury; and severe pain, which might be caused by a serious condition such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Pain is also measured by its duration of effect. Acute pain is defined as temporary pain, which will usually pass, with or without treatment, within a matter of weeks or days. Chronic pain is the kind of pain which persists, due to a long-term medical illness or a nagging injury.

Because no two people are the same, pain is a subjective issue. Some of us will readily seek treatment from a doctor as soon as we begin to experience it. Others among us may tend to put seeking help off, because we feel as though we can plough on through without assistance from a doctor.

However, getting help for pain is important. Although we’re not suggesting that you should rush to your doctor every time you sustain a small cut or bruise, or go through a mild headache, there are some instances where visiting a qualified professional and getting their opinion is vital. Here are just a handful of reasons why it is important to seek medical advice for pain:

It Could be a Sign of an Undiagnosed Condition

In some cases, particularly in those where pain persists and is not neutralised by over-the-counter medicines such as paracetamol, pain might be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Some serious conditions may go unnoticed and untreated, due to the sufferer’s intent to press on with seeking advice. So, getting to the root cause of pain is important, not only to treat and relieve the discomfort, but also to reduce the risk of other symptoms related to that illness occurring.

You May Risk Aggravating an Injury

We may think that we can live with nagging injuries, because they don’t cause us too much discomfort. However, if you’re working and leading a physically demanding lifestyle while harbouring an injury, you may risk causing further aggravation and damage. It is always vital, if you think you may have sustained an injury, to get it put right as soon as possible. Visit your doctor, so that they can arrange for a specialist to see you if necessary.

Treatment is Available

Those suffering with chronic pain often think that treatment can’t help them, especially if non-prescription treatments have failed to suffice. This needn’t be the case. There are a number of prescription pain relief treatments available for different types of pain.

Don’t Let Your Quality of Life Suffer

And let’s not forget that pain, despite the negative physical effects, can take it’s toll on a sufferer’s mental ad emotional outlook too. If you don’t want your quality of life to suffer, seek advice from a consultant.

This article is written by Martin who has suffered from a mild back pain due to which he was prescribed medicine from In his free time, he likes to spend time with his two little daughters Chloe and Kelly.

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