The best of us do it: pack way more than we need to, utilize valuable luggage space with clothing we don’t even wear on our vacation, and wash the clothes anyway when we return – just because. The more unnecessary junk that we load into our suitcase, the less room we have for essentials and souvenirs, the more time we waste packing, and the more money we spend on transporting extra bags. Instead of repeating this frivolous routine for your upcoming trip, stick to these essential guidelines and resist the urge to clutter your vacation! First, make a checklist of what you’ll absolutely need. Every article of clothing after that should undergo serious consideration. Ditch the “what if?” Too many times, I’ve thought, “What if I want to wear a dress one of these days? What if we go to a fancy restaurant and I’ll wish I had brought heels?” The what-if’s of packing are dangerous. Remove possibilities, and make definite plans to avoid excess clothing that you don’t even wear on your trip. What if you want to wear a dress? Remove the possibility and simply plan to wear a dress, replacing one of your other outfits with it.

What if it rains? Pack for unexpected whether appropriately, instead of packing a rainy-day outfit for every day of your vacation. What are the chances of that? Coordinate to save space! Have you ever found yourself packing extra clothing to match your extra clothing? Say you pack a skirt that only matches one pair of shoes that you own, one shirt, and may require a cardigan if the weather gets chilly. You’ve just added an extra pair of shoes and an extra cardigan to your inventory. Instead of planning and packing an outfit for everyday, pack enough coordinating clothing to assemble multiple outfits during your trip. Instead of three pairs of shoes to match three different outfits, you could stick with one pair of shoes that match all! Expand your luggage size. Perhaps your contents aren’t the problem. If you’ve cut out all of the unnecessary items and you still have to pack another bag for the rest of your clothing, it may be time to upgrade your luggage.

Invest in a high-quality suitcase that’s large enough to contain all of your items in one place. Because this part may get a bit costly, take advantage of any discounts and coupons that you can get a hold of. Groupon makes for the perfect tool to save money on travel expenses. Check out these great deals for 6pm, a high-caliber retailer that sells attire and luggage!