Streaming movies, listening to music, playing games, sharing photos and videos, and social networking are the primary activities that occupy the leisure hours of people. All thanks to torrenting. Hey, torrenting can be good fun. Had it not been there, how would people download the huge amount of data over the internet? On the contrary, data comes with its own nuances, hence it is imperative to know how to download torrent safely and with speed.

How does P2P Torrenting Work?

Usually, there are multiple simultaneous users who use torrents to download files on their workstations. The BitTorrent client protocol decentralizes this data transfer process effectively. Each file is divided into small portions called “pieces”. The file is transferred piece by piece, between different clients or “peers”. Downloading peers optimize speed by requesting multiple pieces from different computers simultaneously. Once received, these pieces are available for download by others in the group. Today, this P2P or peer-to-peer file sharing accounts for more than 50% of internet traffic owing to the popularity of torrenting. This has weighed down upon the ISP with losses. In P2P, there is no way to optimize the path across the internet for transferring of data.

P4P Optimizes Network Path

To address the issue of speed for P2P transfers, Arvind Krishnamurthy from the University of Washington and Richard Yang from Yale have devised a solution. Their algorithm called P4P or “local file-sharing” uses the location information of the users to find the shortest path across the network. Via P4P, it is experienced, that both the users and the ISPs gain manifold. Users can download files about 20% faster than conventional P2P, and the bandwidth needed is reduced to one-fifths in some cases. However, users are hesitant to share their geographic locations, lest they are found guilty of piracy. Similarly, ISPs conceal the topology and geographic map of their network since it’s in the form of private competitive data.

Safe Download through Cloudload

The debate stills exists since both P2P and P4P have their own pros and cons. Additionally, with increased piracy, there are strict rules based on the country from which the user is torrenting. Caution has to be taken that the download activity is anonymous, and safe. Torrenting should prevent viruses and ads from flooding your computer. Virus scanners coming alongside torrenting solutions help. To address all these needs, “Cloudload” is great cloud based solution. Subscribe to it right away and get to know how to download torrents safely. With speeds up to 10Gbps, it downloads files anonymously and safely on your computer after scanning it against viruses. You can also use it for uploading your favorite files for safekeeping.

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