Organizational Tips To Boost Your Productivity At Work

Average employees tend to waste almost two weeks every year trying to find things that they have misplaced or lost. This results in huge business losses. In today’s economy, companies cannot afford these losses. So here are some organization tips that can help you save time and money and become more organized and productive at work.

Have a Place for Everything

Designating a lace for frequently used items and supplies in the office allows you to easily and quickly find the things that you are looking for. And you can spend the time you saved here to increase your production for the day.

Toss, Recycle and Donate

Recycle or throw out the things that no longer work for you. Also, donate what you do not need, want or use.

Go Vertical

In case you use an item frequently, keep it close. However, if you just use that supply once in a while, store it in low or high storage locations so you can open up the space between for items you often use. Shelves, wall-mounted file folders, wall baskets and wall hooks are great ways for going vertical.

Label Items

Aside from helping you stay organized, it also helps other people function more independently in the office. Look for a label maker that you can use easily and begin labeling.

Make a Meeting Bin

Every time you look for something or think of something that you will need for your next meeting, consider placing it in a bin. This will make sure that all your meeting materials are organized in one place.

Make a Pending Folder

This folder helps in clearing off your desk and centralizing any pending project. It is also best to have a “pending” email folder.

Have your Own Handy Notebook

Have a call log, notebook or journal for keeping a record of all telephone messages. Also, you can make use of it for jotting down essential reminders and notes during phone calls. This will make sure that you have in place a record of all conversations and calls in a single place. Read more tips on organization for more productivity at jobgear.

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