SpectraLink Wireless Telephone functions on converged voice as well as data Wi-Fi infrastructure. This approach significantly reduces the cost. It also simplifies management thereby improving the responsiveness, productivity and mobility of the employees.

Spectralink optimizes your network and ensures exceptional voice quality. In addition, it also maximizes the functioning of other wireless applications. It is always risky to install voice and other important applications on an inefficiently prepared wireless network. This can lead to disastrous results with poor voice quality, user frustration and system instability.

By investing in Spectralink, you gain better end-user experience, proven ROI and impressive productivity gains. Spectralink Handsets can be used in several industries including retail, hospitality, manufacturing and healthcare. In addition, it supports a range of interfaces such as infrastructures and wireless LAN to deliver highest interoperability.


  • Supports the exact needs of mobile professionals
  • Transforms workflows with voice, application and data integration
  • As it is based on open standards, it ensures broadest interoperability
  • Lowest cost of ownership

If you are looking for Spectralink repair services, then you can choose spectralink maintenance programs, which offers many benefits. These programs offer a list of services that fit into the way you function. It assures optimal performance of the product throughout its lifetime.

No two organizations works in a similar manner and by opting for Spectralink, you can run the business the way you desire. With the available support options that they provide, you can tailor the services you need.


  • All-inclusive services portfolio – You can choose from a wide flexible range of services that meets your exact needs
  • Efficient and fast trouble resolution – It is possible to make the most of the system uptime with the quick responses from remote or onsite technicians
  • Professional technical resources – You receive the required support from reliable and finest technicians
  • Global Services Network – Ensures consistent and quality support from global infrastructure.

Expand With Ease and In the Right Way

The solid foundation that they provide will make you more confident in incorporating new solutions and applications to improve the business operations. The design expertise and wide-ranging workflow analysis will help you to put into practice, these options in an appropriate way. The expansion options are quite flexible whether they train you or do the work themselves. Either way, they ensure that it is done in an accurate manner.

Businesses expand and environments change, but these transformations should not ruin the network performance. As they set up and devise the best possible solution based on your needs, the entire wireless solution suits the long life of the handsets. They also validate and make sure that your network performs to utmost standards and make appropriate suggestions, which will keep it running efficiently.

Before recommending a network design, they thoroughly study your business requirements, workflow and operational objects. In short, they examine first and design later. Spectralink is a leader in wireless telephony. They guide you throughout the design process, which will help minimize the risks related with the wireless network deployment.