Swimming in the open water is scary at least for the first time that you swim in an environment that is strikingly different from that of a swimming pool. When inside the water, you will tend to miss the black line, the walls and so many other things that will evoke a sense of fear and insecurity in you.

However, open water swimming practice will eventually take you not one but a lot of steps ahead towards your goal of becoming a professional swimmer. You will enjoy the water, become familiar with it and feel an extreme sense of satisfaction for sure. So, here is a list of tricks and strategies that are sure to help you as you begin venturing into the open water for the first time in your life.

Calmness is the Mantra – If you have been receiving swimming lessons in West Des Moines, you must have been advised by the experts to keep your calm and have a positive attitude. However, the kind of things that bother you in the open water is somewhat different from what disturbs your calmness in a comparatively more peaceful and secure swimming pool. Beginners are often intimidated by the presence of critters and other creatures in the water. Remember that these creatures try to hide themselves in panic and have neither the intention nor the power to cause you any harm whatsoever.

Follow a Technique – Swimming is mostly about having the right technique of breathing as well as performing particular strokes. The strategy should be devised depending on which positions suit you and which ones make you uncomfortable. For instance, you might want to start in the right side of the pack while most others prefer taking the left-hand side. Now, whatever is your strategy, just make sure that you are aware of the pros and cons of the same in order to know the right application of the strategy.

Right Gear is a Must – Being equipped in the right manner is always desirable. That being said, when it comes to open water swimming, you just cannot afford to miss out any of the essential gears. A wetsuit that is way too tight or a goggle that turns out to be really loose will only cause you more trouble, making things even more difficult for you.

Concentrate on the Exit – An open water swimmer should always concentrate on exiting the watersmoothly and for this; you need to keep looking at the endpoint every time you put up your head from the water to breathe.

Keep these pointers in mind and make the most of your first session of swimming in the open water. All the best!