Online Caravan Sales Versus Buying Offline

A few years back when you wanted to buy a caravan you would visit a few dealerships, find something you like, pay and drive off with it. However, back then the internet was not in everyone’s lives and people only trusted their own senses to figure out if the caravan was worth the demand price. Today, things have changed with a growing number of online classified websites listing caravans for sale there are many people who are actually buying online.

Many experts actually belive that within the next few years online caravan sales will mirror offline sales but is it a really good idea buy a caravan online? If you are buying online then you’re in fact trusting the seller to deliver on his or her promise, which may not always be a good idea. But buying online can be convenient. Below we look at how to make buying online safer and better regardless of if you are buying a new or used caravan.

Make sure that they are pictures

Almost every online classified website allows the option for sellers to post pictures of their caravans for sale. These pictures ideally should tell you a great deal about the condition of the caravan and if the asking price is justified. You should also compare the pictures you see online with pictures of the same model online just to make sure that it was not altered in any way.

Many times altered caravans are ones which were previously stolen and altered by the thieves to make them indistinguishable. However, until you really find out more about the caravan you’re deciding to buy online there is no way of saving you from ending up with a stolen caravan in your parking lot.

Make sure to check the caravan in person

If you are buying a used caravan you should make it a point to check it in person. Even though pictures as mentioned above will tell you some of the story and get you interested you shouldn’t send payment online and have the caravan delivered to your home. This is a great way to end up with something you later find out is not what you wanted.

Always check the caravan in person and get a friend or acquaintance who knows about caravans to examine it thoroughly prior to committing to it.

Buying new online is a far better option

There are many quality local caravan manufacturers in Australia that provide people with the option of ordering their caravan online. Leading caravan manufacturers like JB Caravans already have a fully functioning website where people can learn about the latest model caravans and then order what they want online. Unlike ordering a second hand caravan or a used caravan ordering a new one is far less dangerous if you are dealing with a reputed company.

You can be assured that in 99% of the times you will be delivered the caravan on time and it will be of the best quality backed by a significant warranty as it is always offered by the company. This saves you from having to visit a nearby dealership to buy online.

Online makes researching easier

Most people do not realize this but a good number of caravan sales are driven by the fact that these caravans can be thoroughly researched online. By the time people are on the street looking for a caravan they already know what is available and what they want. Now the only reason they are on the street is to get a personal view of what they want and make payment.

Many people as mentioned above may also make their decision online and decide to buy new. However, in some cases you may not find the type of information you want about a specific brand or type of caravan and so the only way would be to visit a dealership that has these caravans and take a look at it.

The bottom line

Even though Australian caravan manufacturers like JB Caravans are making learning about and buying caravans online very easy people, the internet does have its limitations. If you are buying a used caravan then under no circumstances should you trust the seller or even a dealership. Only buy online if you’re buying from a reputed manufacturer.

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Mark has been in the caravan industry for over 25 years. He has bought and sold caravans for a living ever since he was a teen. After graduating from university in engineering he decided to design caravans for a living. Today, many years later he runs one of the leading caravan sales businesses in the country. 

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