You have an important meeting to attend and you are late, you just did called up your boss to inform but oh my god! Your phone is out of service, apparently because you have let the last day of bill payment pass unnoticed due to your hectic work schedule and didn’t have time to go out to get it paid, but this would have been easier for you if only you believed in the concept of online bill payment. For people who would be still wondering, online bill payment comes as a blessing and not a curse as most of them feel.

Let us go through the profile of Mobikwik, a online mobile recharge company, then you may slowly turn out to trust them


Features that Mobikwik Offers:

  • Apps: It certainly provides an app for whatever phone you use. For example, mobikwik app(ios) for the iphone users. A mobikwik android app(android) for the android users and a mobikwik windows app for window phone user.
  • Easy accessibility: These apps are easily downloadable and equally easy to access, there is not a bit of rocket science in it.
  • Security: As it has to be your bank cards through which you pay therefore safety and security is the responsibility taken by mobikwik.
  • Easy refund: If somehow your transaction has failed but your account is debited, Mobikwik will make sure to refund the money to your wallet, and you can pay again through it.
  • Wallet: is a feature that is like keeping your money in the purse and in the pocket. This feature helps in many ways, like in case of return, or cash back, or refunds, all your money safely remain in the wallet, all you have to do is for the payment option you have to choose your wallet money.
  • Self help: There are an en number of questions already answered for you in the FAQ column, there would be no way you can think of anything that you need to know yet is not there.
  • Customer care: A always ready to help customer care service, which if you have still managed to remain dissatisfied with the FAQ section will help you happily.
  • Mobikwik just not helps you with your mobile recharge or pay phone bills but also with your utility bills like that of gas bills for Mahanagar gas users
  • It also helps you transfer money easily into someone else’s account.

An app like that of Mobikwik can do wonders for people like us who nowadays barely get time after work to check if the bill payment can be still done visiting the shop. These sites and apps have come down to us like a blessing who just not gives us an opportunity of hassle free bill payments but also helps us save a lot with their numerous discount coupons. It also is helping maintain liaison between parent and children who live at a distance but still wants to send each other little joys in form of the wallet money.