Today, you have the freedom, that you CAN wear whatever you feel is easy to move around and consider stylish. If you ask, most us would like stay in  jogging pants, leggings and tights for the rest of our lives.

We feel so comfortable in the activewear as it fits the skin, keeps the body in shape and increases the sex appeal. But there is always a window for blunders and mistakes. It is true, that almost every girl is confused with choosing the right activewear which adds to the charm and comfort without looking nasty.

We have some tips for you that no one might have told you until now. These tips will assist you in picking the perfect sports & activewear.

Revealing your Insides and Innerwear

Black leggings are made of a variety of fabrics, some of them last, many don’t. Choosing the right fabric is the key to avoid this fail. Leggings are the ideal outfit for aerobics, Yoga and gymming. Some lazy beautiful girls wear them at home and even on a casual date. But, when the fabric is of poor quality, it gets see through and reveals your butt.

Picking a quality material activewear you have to keep in mind that with time the fabric gets thinner. Therefore, you need select the fabric that fits you well and is not exposing your butt skin your undies. Poor cloth material can wither out too soon and while you are at the gym, doing squats or high intensity aerobics; you may not notice but people around you will have eyes stuck to you for the wrong reasons.

Next time, when you are buying those super hot black leggings or any activewear make sure that you try it on and do some movements similar to your exercise routine like bending, stretching and sit ups. While doing this observe the material closely. If it even appears to be see through, do not buy the piece. Irrespective of the sale price and brand.

The Camel Toe Fail

Buying activewear online can be tricky as you may not be able judge the correct size of a brand that you have not used before. While online shopping is cool, a camel toe is certainly not. A camel toe can be considered to be the worst fail in activewear. Not only it turns sexy in to slurty, but also can cause much discomfort.

Camel toe is a result of extremely tight clothing. While skin fitted is one thing and extreme tigh is whole another level of wardrobe failure. If you’re just arrived  yoga pants, leggings or shorts are giving you a camel toe, immediately replace them or return them. Fixing a camel toe is never easy.

Black Socks can be Avoided

Your love for your black socks is understandable, but does that mean that you have to always wear them just because you are wearing activewear. It is true that one should wear them while working out, but wearing black socks otherwise is a fashion fail as far as activewear is concerned. It is not very hard to make a choice. Pick lighter shades of socks and never intend to wear socks with activewear if you are not using it.

Be sure to follow these tips and avoid activewear fails. It is a matter of putting some brain before buying. If you do that, you look smoking hot and stunning in what you feel comfortable. Can you ask for more? Do comment below.