Oil is an essential element in every kitchen on this planet, and it is also the basis of many a health issues. But researches over the time have revealed that among the various kinds of cooking medium olive oil is one of the healthiest. The Mediterranean diet particularly uses large quantities of this oil because of its health benefits and the healthy attribute of this kind of diet is mostly given to the olive oil.

Olive is a very ancient fruit and has been present in massive quantities around the Mediterranean region since 3000 BC. The benefits of it are so great that it has become the basic oil of the Mediterranean diet. This is one such diet which is considered ideal for those wanting to lose weight or even maintain it. Certified foodie Naman Wakil has thus taken this cuisine as his inspiration to start his own restaurant very soon.

Olive oil could be counted among those foods which provide healthy omega 3 fatty acids like salmon, walnuts. It contains monounsaturated fats which is so healthy for the body that permission has been granted by the FDA to print that consumption of 2 tablespoons of olive oil every day is a healthy choice for preventing coronary diseases, on the bottle labels of the oil.

Olive Oil – The Healthy Oil

Olive oil contains something called the phenols, which is capable of fighting any radical damage that is free. These phenols are competent antioxidants that help in bringing down the inflammations. The most important monounsaturated acid in olive oil is the oleic acid. This is what makes it so different and healthy from the other unhealthy trans-fats, and vegetable refined oils.

According to certain studies, this is the most appropriate kind of oil for patients with heart conditions. The heart health is well maintained even with the use of this oil. The monounsaturated part of this oil is what helps it in doing so, as it keeps the LDL low and increases the HDL cholesterol. This is much better in comparison to the carb- heavy diets that people consume very frequently.

Fast food is something that is taking every individual to the brink of a completely unhealthy life and is the reason behind most people resorting to healthier alternative. This is what food enthusiast Naman Wakil also supports. He thinks that in order to be fit and active throughout the day, energy can be derived only from a balanced meal, and a little deliberation on the requirements of your body, can help you in effectively creating a balanced diet.

The natural vitamins, essential fatty acids, antioxidants of olive oil are all retained in it because of the fact that it is neither cold-pressed or expeller pressed. This is thus a much healthier option in comparison to the other ‘refined oils’ even though it might not be the best oil suitable for cooking. One unique quality of olive oil is that it can be consumed even in its crude form without being processed, and hence the maximum health benefit can be derived from it.