The world in the 21st century is a very dynamic place, with technology and everything around us evolving at a blistering pace; it is sometimes hard to keep up. Our economies are governed by big tech conglomerates which were all started up with little or no capital. The companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft are what every start-up in the modern day looks up to.

In a developing economy like India, it is essential to nurture and encourage the growth of start-ups. The right funding, office and employees are the keys to success for any new start-up or business. Major cities like Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai are hotbeds for growing companies and there are thousands of them all across these cities. Most of them have very little capital, but a potentially great idea and they are all in need of an office space.

Office spaces are places where one can creatively accumulate views and thoughts and bring them to form ideas and strategies to take their businesses to new heights. However, the major problem lies in actually renting office spaces, and especially if it is in the middle of the city the rates are very expensive.   

The New and Hip Trend of Office Sharing:

A novel solution would be to share office space or ‘co-working’ as it is commonly called, is basically sharing a floor or certain office space with another company. Bigger companies who have redundant space often loan it out to new and small companies who are looking for flexible workplaces. This unique situation creates two things, a revenue stream for the company who are loaning out the building and a cheaper and very convenient solution for the smaller company or start-up who are looking for an office outside their home.

The most important advantage, however, is that it provides a very dynamic environment for both the companies. The start-up can learn and gather knowledge on how to run a bigger business or company, the tenant company can also look to invest in the start-up and learn more about new ideas in the start-up world. It is often advertised as shared office space for rent and can easily be brought about by a simple Google search.

How can this Idea benefit Builders and Offices?

Companies can share resources, and utilize the various amenities available on-site. Sometimes entire office spaces are rented out by the builders as shared professional office space, this encourages start-ups to come and take up quarters in the building. Thereby this also creates a culture in the workspace that encourages new ideas, and this is important for the builders as they can then be synonymous with providing spaces that are very lucrative to start-ups. It has many advantages in the long term as well; if and when a company goes big they may even buy off space at a higher price.

The cost-effective factor remains the primary reason start-ups opt for this solution, and now that many landowners and people in the leasing business have seen the outcome, and have already made the jump on investing in this setup.