Office Dressing – Get It Right In The Summer Heat

Office Dressing - Get It Right In The Summer Heat

Summers can be uncomfortable, but that does not stop us from going to work. Then why stop from looking stylish. Office places are becoming increasingly casual so be it a shirt or t-shirt, having a fashion sense is important. This summer, change your wardrobe and take fashion to a whole new level. Flabbergast your co-workers with your new outfits. Getting a new wardrobe can be tough, as there are infinite numbers of styles and designs and finding the right fit for you is like finding a needle in a haystack. Although, no matter how you dress, laidback or go-with-the-flow, this article will help you out to find the best-suited summer outfit.


Get rid of the uncomfortable old trousers and buy yourself a few chinos. The cozy light-weighted chinos are exactly what you need to go out in the summers. They are functional and will keep you dry. With water-repellent fabric and Lycra for stretch, you can sit still for hours in meetings comfortably without so much of a wrinkle on the fabric. Any men’s checkered shirt will go with these trousers and give you the perfect casual attire for your office.


A t-shirt is a man’s best friend during the summers; the perfect top to avoid the irritating heat. Choose a cotton t-shirt to tackle the heat but at the same time show off your charms while being comfortable and relaxed. The versatility of t-shirts makes it possible to wear it anywhere and everywhere. Buy a contrasting collared tee-shirt or a polo tee and pair it with dark coloured chinos to maintain both casual and formal attire. It looks subtle and calm but simultaneously also sends a powerful message and makes you stand-out-of the crowd.


You can never go wrong with a shirt. For office attire or formal events buy a denim shirt or a solid coloured cotton shirt this summer. White has been immortal when it comes to an office look. Buy a full-sleeved lengthy shirt, tuck it in and pair it with khaki chinos to maintain a formal yet versatile look. Pairing it up with a beige pure cotton or a linen-blend blazer will keep you cool and at the same time will give you an indispensable commendable look. Wear a wristwatch as a cherry on the top.

Denim shirts are a little bit tricky to wear. There are many options but they may not be the right one for you. An over-sized denim shirt can never look good, buy a slim-fit shirt and wear it with dark-colored chinos. Put on white-snickers and it will be the ideal office wear.

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