It’s true that when you work in an office you may be concerned about the cleanliness of your surroundings. An unkempt and dirty office can be rather distracting and not allow you to concentrate on giving your best performance! So why not read on to hear some helpful tips and hints on how to give your office that spring clean it really needs, and one that you as a business owner and your co-workers deserve!

A clean office is paramount to the effective running of a business. While the majority of offices do hire a experienced professional cleaning service, you can take on the task yourself. First of all ask yourself what you want from your own personal office space and make sure all your items are well organised yet still easily accessible. Also limit the number of items on your desk, as they’ll only serve as dust collectors and mean you have more to clean. This is called de-cluttering!

Next make sure you have a full stock of all necessary cleaning supplies such as dusting spray for both glass and wooden surfaces, cloths, paper towels, etc. It might also be a good idea to keep a list of all your cleaning materials so when they’re running low you can re-stock! That way you’ll never be left without those necessary cleaning materials or substances and will make cleaning a whole lot easier!

Invest in some special wipes for keyboards and computer screens. You’d be surprised how much dirt (and even crumbs from your morning biscuits or snacking at your desk) can get caught in your keyboard, so it’s probably a good idea to wipe over your keyboard and screen on a daily basis, to avoid the build up of grime.

Health and safety is a main priority in most office environments, so be sure to wipe down your phone with a sanitising spray as often as possible. You could also use a piece of cotton wool dipped in pure alcohol or spirit to clean your dial pad on your desk phone!

Another sure way to keep your office sparkling is by remembering to take out the rubbish at the end of each day. Don’t let that rubbish build up in your office kitchen either as the smell will not be pleasant!

Vacuuming your office floor is also very important as not only will you give your space a clean and fresh look, but will also help keep any bugs at bay.

Office Cleaning Tips

This next tip might seem a little strange when it comes to office cleaning, but ask your employees to throw away any of their unwanted food from the fridge and clean up after themselves once they’ve used the kitchen. If everyone washes up their own coffee mug, imagine how much cleaner the space will look and not mention more hygienic. Also suggest they don’t leave any spilled food or drink to dry out on the kitchen counters!

If you are giving your office a spring clean then it’s advisable to move furniture and clean underneath or behind the desks and even give the office chairs a good once over every so often. Remember if you are saving money on hiring professional cleaners; why not assign different jobs to different members of staff!

It’s true that cleaning contractors or a cleaning agency will take care of your office cleaning, but if you’re a small company or just want to save some of your hard earned cash, by adopting some of these tips above you can present to your clients business surroundings you can be proud of.