Did you know that office workers are twice more prone to disabling injuries compared to non-office workers? This may come to many as a shock since offices are typically perceived as hazard-free places. However, the truth is, many disabling accidents happen in offices.

There are many types of accidents that many happen inside an office space, and these may include tripping over file drawer or electrical cords, slipping on wet floor, bumping into the corner of the desk or table, falling from chair, and the list goes on. Simply put, offices can be hazardous areas as well if you are not very careful of your actions.

Among the office furniture and equipment pieces, office chairs are common culprits for accidents. In fact, one news story from China reported that a 14-year-old boy was fatally injured when the office chair he was using exploded. The reported explosion came from gas cylinder in chair’s base. Another story related to how seemingly non-harmful chairs can become tools for accidents is about the Office Depot recalling around 1.4 million black rolling chairs. The recall was reported to be a result of more than 150 reports of broken component, which caused at least one serious injury.

Office Accidents and Office Chairs: How To Avoid Freak Accidents In The Office

While freak accidents caused by chairs are very rare, office workers should not discount the fact that their careless behavior and actions while using their chairs can result in disabling accidents. This is why each and every office worker should know how to use their chairs in a way that they will not sustain injury from it. Here are some of the most helpful tips when it comes to office chair safety that every employee should know of:

1. Do not use an office chair as stepladder – A typical office chair has wheels on it, so you should know that its design and built are not made to be used as stepladder. A person using it as a stepladder is begging for an accident because the wheels can easily make that person off balance, prompting a heavy fall, which can of course cause minor to major injuries.

2. Keep the base of the chair on even surface – Avoid using an office chair atop uneven surface because you can easily get out of balance, which could result in injuries. Make sure that all the legs of the chair are evenly distributed and are not on top of uneven floor to avoid any accidents.

3. Do not lean too much – Leaning so far in your office chair can make its base or wheels go up, which can cause you to go off balance. When go get out of balance from leaning too much, the consequences can be problematic as you can hit your head to floor hard, which can cause you head injuries like traumatic brain injury.

4. Invest on quality chairs – As much as possible, do not use cheap and substandard office chairs because aside from they can get easily broken, they can also cause accidents. If a cheap chair breaks while it is being used, the person can fall from it, causing him or her bruises and even minor scratches and cuts.

5. Inspect chairs at least once every six months – In to determine whether or not a chair is due for repair or replacement, you would want to check it for any signs of breakage or wear and tear at least twice a year. By doing this, you can avoid accidents caused by faulty chairs.

Office chairs are harmless if they are used carefully. Use the equipment and furniture items in your office and you can surely avoid any disabling accident.