The summer heat waves are coming, and your air-conditioning units are sure to take a hit with excessive use. You may not realize it, but your air-conditioning units are slowly being damaged by improper use and lack of maintenance. These units can be expensive, and having to repair them again and again is quickly becoming an option that should never be the case.

Tips on Maintaining Optimum Air-Conditioning Performance

As a single user, there are a lot of things you can do to preserve the life of your air-conditioning unit. Doing these things will save you a lot of money, and you’ll be able to spend that money on other projects once you have mastered these tips:

  • Keep your Blinds and Curtains closed.

Your air-conditioning units spend a lot of energy on keeping the temperature in your room cool and manageable. But when you do not refrain from letting a heat source like window glares from coming in, you are negating the effect of your air-conditioning unit. Try to keep your curtains and blinds closed as much as possible during extremely hot days.

  • Keep Lamps and other Appliances away from your Thermostat.

Your thermostat changes depending on the temperature of the room. If it is ever too hot or too cold, your thermostat can keep the temperature of your room in check with no problem at all. However, thermostats have certain limitations. It gauges the temperature of the room based on its environment, and an air-conditioning surrounded by appliances that exude heat will make your thermostat adjustments wrong and ineffective.

  • Clean your Condenser Unit Frequently.

A clean and debris-free air-conditioning outdoor condensing unit gives you one that consistently performs at the best possible quality. To maintain this form, you need to consistently clean out condenser units.

  • Insulate Open Ductworks, Especially during Working Hours.

Uninsulated ductworks can lead to air leaks. To make sure that the space is properly sealed, insulate those ductworks accordingly! As much as possible, try to use the UL 181-rated duct-sealing tape. If you are unsure, it’s best to opt for a consultation with a cooling and heating expert.

No-Cost Tips to Maintaining Your Air-Conditioning Unit

These are just some of the many ways to ensure that your air-conditioning unit remains to be in top condition. To know more about maintaining your own air-conditioning unit, contact your trusted heating and cooling company. Make sure you enjoy the summer to the fullest. Have your air-con working all throughout the season!

Written by Accurate Heating and Cooling in Columbia, MO