New Version Of SAFe Can Be Very Handy For Users

New Version Of SAFe Can Be Very Handy For Users

You, being an IT personnel, know it very well that every new version of a tool must have something new in it. In cases of developing tools and corporate tolls like SAFe, upgrade means a lot. A lot of new things will be there in the package for your support and that is the key in the total aspect. The recent version of SAFe in the form of SAFe 4.0 is an ultimate tool and that is going to give you an enhanced support in your career, when you learn it through Safe 4.0 Adavanced Scrum Master Training. Before going directly for the course, try to go through the coverage of this version. It will give you lots of idea.

Major Aspects covered

At the beginning, get through the main aspects, where the new version has covered:

Foundation Level – Here the new version covered Lean Agile understandings, Principles of SAFe and core values related to it. This is a vital part or might be stated to be the core part of any tool. Users must know clearly, why this tool is for, before understanding how it works.

Portfolio- Portfolio management is one of the strongest part of SAFe training and its implication in job scenario. Portfolio is something that are used to make different things represent collectively. Hence it will group the big data into smaller segments, making it easy for the user to work on with.

Value Stream – Here comes how the system works. You will get a complete solution coverage in this stream, making it easy for the users to get into the act and create different solutions.

Program – The new version of the tool will give you an extraordinary dashboard support to create your programs and work flows. In the new version, you will get an additional help to create your flow chart, based on which the entire working scenario will be established.

Team support – The last addition in the tool is the multi dimensional access option. Now, even the scrum or SAFe team can access the profile, directly from the tool panel.

Additional Implementations

Other than this aspects, there are some of the minute changes that exposed the tool greatly for the corporate use. Get through the list here:

There are different other supports that the new updated version is ready to give you. Just go through the complete profile and that will allow you to apply the same largely in your corporate field. However, before anything, try to go through the Safe 4.0 Adavanced Scrum Master Training in Boston. This will give you a perfect support in the entire process.

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