Choosing flooring for your home has just got easier, with the birth of a recycling system that will make flooring more sustainable in homes. Through the scheme, offcuts from safety flooring and offcuts of smooth vinyl left from the installation process can be recycled back into new flooring. Any material that cannot fit the size of a floor will be upcycled into traffic cones, road barrier bases and other such products that will use vinyl.

Upcycling at its Finest

This new scheme is being funded from a Waste & Resources Action Programme trial which was established to increase the collection and recycling of vinyl flooring. By increasing the recycling of flooring in the UK, waste is being decreased and therefore less material is going to landfill. A number of drop-off sites for waste vinyl have been popping up all over the UK with new distributors being recruited solely to provide a drop-off point for vinyl waste. Not only is this being kinder to the planet, but is creating brand new jobs too.

Sustainability Made Popular

The revolutionary new recycling system is pleasing the customers of flooring companies up and down the country. Any loose offcuts now have a purpose, whereas before, all they ended up as was waste products. This new recycling system is now allowing more to be done for the environment and is improving the carbon footprint of many environmentally conscious companies. Manufacturers are investing a lot of time and money into developing internal recycling processes and the time has come to set up a scheme on a much larger scale.

This scheme will enable companies to collect a certificate of commitment to recycling and display this proudly with other company achievements. Companies such as will be able to do more with their flooring offcuts now that recycling is becoming more popular. Customers are far more keen to work with companies that have a consideration for the environment so this new recycling system further boosts great client relationships.

With the new recycling systems allowing less waste from vinyl, the impact on the planet is being greatly reduced. Re-using vinyl in other areas means less vinyl is being made and so the cycle of upcycling is rising in popularity significantly. Companies can now enjoy a better system because of new developments.