New Cloud Services Of Oracle That Every IT Professional Should Know

New Cloud Services Of Oracle That Every IT Professional Should Know

Oracle, one of the globally-recognized computer technologies company, has recently announced 24 new cloud services in its Oracle cloud platform. However, not for its competitors but it is one of the really great news for developers, software professionals and IT businesses who makes use of Oracle Cloud computing services. The company has enriched its cloud service platform with some excellent services with which users will be able to expand and integrate cloud applications more easily. Some of these services comprise Oracle Archive Storage Cloud Service, Oracle Database Cloud – Exadata Service, Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, Oracle Big Data Cloud Service and Big Data SQL Cloud Service, Process Cloud Service, Integration Cloud Service and many more. All these services are highly beneficial for software professionals who make use of cloud based information technology services.

With these services, companies will now be able to move all their application from their own data centers to the Oracle cloud with ease. The Mobile Cloud Service of Oracle is much anticipated as compared to other cloud services providers as it is focused only on providing companies with enterprise quality Mobile Backend as a Service. The MBaaS service of Oracle has been designed exclusively for mobile application developers. This service offers user with a lot of handy features such as lifecycle management, built-in security and security mediation, API management, versioning and also allows easy deployment between development, staging and production environments. Developers can also use their favorite language through Oracle Mobile Application Framework. This service also includes a software development kit (SDK) that enables users to follow their application.

With Process Cloud and Integration Cloud Service of Oracle developers will also be able to build user interface to configure API for data exchange. This will also enable them to work entirely through a browser as there will be no necessity of installing software on desktop systems.

Oracle Database Cloud – Exadata Service is another highly advantageous service for IT businesses. Exadata Service is now able to support all different versions of Oracle Databases. Compatibility of this service as also improved as it supports databases of all scales including OLTP, analytic and mixed workloads. Apart from this, a number of features are added with the Oracle Cloud Computing service and with these Oracle claims to be the only cloud service provider to offer full range of enterprise services including IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. Oracle Big Data Cloud Service and Big Data SQL Cloud Service are also very helpful for developers as that enable smooth and seamless transition to cloud strategy. These are also very secure platforms to run a number of Hadoop and NoSQL databases.

Other than aforementioned services, Oracle is also offering several online services for enterprise management such as resource planning, customer experience management, human resource management, business performance management and management of services supply chain. As new services are announced, users will be required paying more for using these services, however, Oracle has cleared that all these services will be offered on less prices compared to its other competitor companies.

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