Miami University (Ohio) sometimes gets passed over by high school seniors looking for that special college. Too often any attention that might be given to Miami University tends to get directed to the other Miami, The University of Miami in Florida. After all Miami, Florida is a place we all have heard about. It has the beaches, the palm trees out your dorm window, why wouldn’t this grab up your attention. Well, it’s fine to take a look at the University of Florida but don’t let that first look keep you from looking at the other Miami University the one up north in Ohio It’s a school well worth your attention.

A Native American Beginning

Miami University, Oxford, Ohio is a University that is close to celebrating the 200th anniversary of its 1809 founding. It was not long after the conclusion of the American Revolution that land was used to build a university in the Miami Valley. It was land that had been inhabited by the Miami Indians and so it seemed appropriate to name the new school Miami University.

It seemed a wise use of land and more than a century later, Robert Frost looked at the school, with its tree-lined entryway and declared it ” the most beautiful college there is”. There could be room for discussion of this superlative, but certainly today students are drawn to Miami University, Oxford, Ohio at least in part because of its magnificent campus. As Miami University, Oxford, Ohio prepares to enter its 3 century it welcomes some 14,000 undergraduates each year to benefit from its experience and enjoy its scenic charm.

Everything You Need To Know About Miami University In Oxford, Ohio

We Know It’s Not a Party School

Miami University has distinguished itself in the present in a number of ways. First, the student body may not be MIT or Caltech quality but this is still a challenging academic university. You can tell this by the fact that almost 80% of the undergraduates who go to Miami University, Oxford Ohio graduated in the top quarter of their high school graduating class. If you choose Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, know that you will be sharing four years of academic experience with some smart and competitive classmates.

Miami University, Oxford, Ohio prides itself on being a public school that does not sacrifice quality of academic experience. In fact, Miami claims to offer the same type of personalized education that you might more likely find on a small or private campus. Those in the business of evaluating college programs don’t seem to disagree. Based on academic quality “U. S. News and World Report” ranked Miami University as 31st among public colleges in the nation. The undergraduate business school, The Farmer Business School, as 17th among undergraduate business schools nationwide. Apparently quality really is the name of the academic game at Miami University

Students who come here discover that not only are courses of good quality, there are lots of them. Students can follow majors in 100 different areas of study. The graduate programs include degree offerings in 50 areas. Quality and quantity may be what you are looking for. At Miami University both seemed to have been accounted for.

But There is Fun Here Too

It’s fine to have great scholastic ratings but potential freshmen want to know about the “fun stuff” too. What goes on at Miami University that fills in the time outside of class hours and study time? Plenty. Okay, way beyond plenty. At Miami University there really are 350 clubs, groups, and organizations for you to sort through until you discover those that interest you. About a third of undergraduates get involved in a sorority or fraternity. Students who aren’t even music majors get involved in musical productions. And lots, almost 80%, of students here find themselves spending some time each month doing some form of service or community outreach and spreading awareness on serious issues.

Then, Of Course, There is Athletics

Miami University is an NCAA Division I school and its athletes participate in intercollegiate competition in the Mid American Conference. An undergraduate has the chance to see top-level sports competition on campus and to cheer on the Miami University Red Hawks when they take action in any of 18 intercollegiate sports played by men and women. There is definitely fun at Miami University and you don’t have to go too far to find it either.

Everything You Need To Know About Miami University In Oxford, Ohio

Saving the Best For Last

Students looking at potential schools eventually have to take a realistic look at the so-called bottom line. What are all these great academic opportunities and extracurricular activities going to actually cost? Lots less than you might expect. Using its own approach to scholarships, Miami University charges student approximately $21,000 tuition but then immediately slashes that price in half with scholarships for every in-state student applicant that average between $10,000 and $11,500 leaving students with a very palatable bottom line. Even out of state students, of which there are many, recognize the bargain of a college like Miami University that offers admission at $21,000.

There are many state institutions in Ohio and the other 49 states but of course, the truth is that few of them can compete with the quality of programs offered at Miami University of Ohio.