High mountains, waterfalls, eternal forests and colorful beaches – these are nature creatures. People stopped surprising with all nature attractions. They pay no attention to nature beauties. Nevertheless, there are many worthy places in the world that you must see. The most of them are real masterpieces and the world wonders. They are unique, impressive, amazing and perfect by their sense and structure. If you want, you can find something interesting and special, including walks on the beach or climbing mountains.

Of course, you have to go long to get to the most of places. Some of them are located not far from your right hand, close to the popular resorts and other touristic objects. Probably, you cannot visit all of them, but one or two surely.


Cenote Ik Kil, Mexico

It is not a secret that natural wells and cenotes (natural underground reservoirs of water) are really unique creations. Some of them are as beautiful that you cannot believe that. Ik Kil is one of such amazing cenotes, located in Mexico. This well is situated in the Yukatan peninsular to be the deepest in the world. It is 50 meters deep. The walls are 25 meters high. It is interesting to know but Ik Kil was the ancient cave that was ruined. So, the cave ruins made the deep well with clean water. The high walls are covered with exotic plants to make this place more exotic.

Cenote is rather old. It was the main source of fresh water for Indians. The Indians believed in well’s magic. It was the door into the outside world. Modern tourists have a unique opportunity to admire the beauty of the ancient well and bath in the water. Cenote is well-equipped with solid stony ladders on the walls and viewing platforms.

The lake Ik Kil has round form. Its diameter is about 60 meters. The water has deep blue color because of specific plankton. You can visit this amazing place anytime, any season. The water temperature is always comfortable for bathing, about 22-25 hot. The nature attraction is situated not far from the ancient city Chichen Itza. It is rather popular for visiting!

Ik-Kil Sacred Blue Cenote

Benagil Sea Cave Beach, Portugal

If you like to spend your time in a picturesque beach, you should hire a car in Faro and go to learn provinces around. It takes you about15 minutes to get to meet one of the most beautiful beaches of our planet – Benagil. This place is considered to be the best natural world wonder. It is situated not far from Algarve, on the territory of the village of the same name. The beach is famous of its rocky hills and caves on its territory. There is a cute hidden beach in one of the caves. This is the primary goal for the most of travellers.

The summer period is the most popular season for local tourists because of high rocks. The rocks are breakwaters around the beach. So, the water here is calm and clear with no big waves and heavy wind. You can have comfortable rest with your kids. This is also favorable territory for diving and other water sport. The water is clear at the seaside so, you can see the beauty of the underwater world to the full. The hidden territory is also popular for romantic picnics under the vault of huge cave.

Jellyfish Lake, Palau

The length of the basin is 460 meters. It is 160 meters wide and 50 meters deep. If you like diving, you should visit the Jellyfish Lake. You can see lots and lots of jellyfish here. The natural conditions here are as comfortable as their amount growths every day. The jellyfish are safe for people. You can easily swim in the water with no danger and fear. The lake is situated in the Eastern part of the island. It appeared about 12 000 years ago to be the biggest home for thousands and thousands of jellyfish. Watch them!

What is more, there is no danger for lake inhabitants in the water basin. So, this particular lake is the biggest and the most comfortable house for jellyfish. It is also interesting that you can find a couple of similar lakes close to each other. Of course, jellyfish live there with pleasure. The biggest and the best visiting lake is the Jellyfish Lake. You can swim here and watch such kinds of sea jellyfish as Mastigias papua and Aurelia aurita. You can also see lots of fish of different colors. The best place to visit this lake is the first half of the day as the lake inhabitants are active at night and in the morning.

Xray Jelly Palau

Puerto Princesa Underground River, Philippine Islands

The unique river is 8 kilometers long. The Philippine Islands are the real treasure chest where the best and worthy natural attractions are gathered together. The most popular attraction is located in the Palawan Island. You can see a beautiful river that flows underground under the romantic name of Puerto Princesa. The cave where you can the river is also the biggest in the world. There are many smaller caves, naturally decorated with stalactites and stalagmites.

The river is situated at the territory of the National Park that is also popular with its rare and unique plants and animals. The river is free for visiting, but it is not easy to get there. More and more tourists come to see this specific beauty. Thus, there is a danger for river attraction to be damaged.

Mouth of an underground river

Be careful! The government declared about the limitations to visit the river territory. There is limitation in people: no more than 900 tourists per day. You should ask for excursion group a month or two before you will come. Never miss your chance to ride a boat and swim over the underground river. It is highly romantic! To feel comfortable, it is better to book the hotel not far from the excursion place. Websites and experienced tourists can help you with a good advice!