Infusions generally are usually considered as natural, and therefore are not a harmful effect on the human body, therefore, under this misconception, many people literally give the abuse of all kinds of teas, and particularly, the most striking of them all tea. They do this knowing that although almost everything in life is natural, herbal teas if they can have side effects to our body, and you are not one of the best ways to lose weight, in fact mostly slimming teas are most common among herbalists, and usually also the most popular.

Another myth is that which is based on self, without stopping to think about the entire spill over effects they may have on our body. It is evident that infusions have fewer effects than diet drugs, but is evidence that the final effects of these infusions, very different from the goals of most consumers. However, in order to discuss some side effects, we could talk about the diuretic effects, ie, damage the kidneys and heart, and cause muscle cramps, hypotension, dizziness.

Myths And Clarifications On Slimming Teas

In order of their use and popularity, stands out above all slimming tea, green tea. It is so popular that it is even used as a substitute of water, and this is clearly not good. Its slimming properties and laxatives may be true, but in no case to a use a “sack” of this drink.

The general problem of these infusions is that the overall effects exerted on the body can be a very complex and dangerous combination if we are under other types of medication, and therefore require an extensive review and medical control or by a specialists undoubtedly one of the biggest problems in this regard, is the lack of control.

Green tea acts as relaxing and energizing, achieving a sense of comfort in the body. Some scientists have been encouraged to sign that consumption of green tea helps fight depression.

Coffee is not causing cancer development. Instead, take about four cups of coffee daily can prevent various kinds of cancer like liver.

Drinking coffee does not produce headache and migraine as is customary to say. In fact, consumption relieves pain by dilating blood vessels in the brain.

Actually, we do not recommend drinking any tea along with main meals of the day, as they hinder the absorption of iron and vitamin C in the body. But we should not fool ourselves, we can use all kinds of teas for weight loss, but like everything in life, the excesses are bad.