There are times when individual rooms in your house are darker than what you would like. The best way to add some natural light to these rooms is to install a couple of skylights. Since these features part of the roof, they too can develop leaks over time. So why exactly do skylights leak?

Reasons Why Skylights Leak

One of the most typical reasons why skylights develop leaks is if the installation is incorrect or the flashing around them gets corroded. Sometimes water gets into the upslope of the roof or condensation builds up, resulting in a leakage in your skylights framing. To resolve this issue, you would have to call in a skilled roofer for skylight repair. They would inspect the structure thoroughly before determining what kind of repairs are required.

Dealing with a leakage in your skylight can be quite stressful. However, when you hire a credible and well-established roofing contractor, they will know what they are doing and use the right techniques and materials in the skylight repair. This professional approach will ensure you have peace of mind and do not have to deal with constant issues with the skylight.

Many people that need skylight repair are also curious about how much it would cost to fix the leakage. There are different types of features, such as tubular skylights, vented skylights, and fixed skylights. The cost of the repair work would depend on the kind of skylights you have on your property. However, it could be in the  $300 to $500 range; the extent of the damage would also be the other factor determining the overall cost of skylight repair.

Is It Really Possible To Repair Skylights Reliably?

Since skylights are located at such an odd position, many property owners presume that these features cannot be repaired at all. However, this isn’t the case. If your skylight hasn’t suffered excessive damage, skilled roofing contractors can fix it satisfactorily and make it as good as new. If you want high-quality work, you must look for a local roofer that has handled similar skylight repair projects in the past.

The roofers fix leaking skylights by pulling up the shingles all around the edge of the feature. They will check whether there are any damages to its seal or flashing. If there are any issues at these points, they will either use roofing cement or caulk to fix it. Once they have used roof cement for caulk on the flashing, they will check the other areas of the feature to ensure there are no damages or leaks.

If water has entered the seal, your skylight might have a permanently foggy look due to moisture infiltrating the glass panes. If this has occurred, the only way to fix the issue would be to get the skylight replaced.

Hire a Skilled and Licensed Roofer For Skylight Repairs

It is a common belief that ultimately all skylights will leak. While it is true that these features are prone to leakage, this happens because all materials used in any installations have a specific lifespan. However, hiring experienced roofing contractors for skylight repair is the best way to reduce the possibility of leakage from your skylight in the future.

When this feature is installed correctly and maintained regularly, it can last for your roof’s lifetime. This is why you need to focus on looking for skilled, experienced and reliable roofing contractors that know what they are doing. You should contact them and ask them about their experience and licensing information before hiring them for your skylight repair project.