Must Know Car Repair Facts

A car is one of the most prized possessions of someone who owns a car. A lot of us would have struggled a lot, financially, before purchasing our cars. This is quite alright. A car is not the cheapest thing out there in the market and all of us want to best car that we can afford. It is therefore natural that we would spend most of our savings to buy the car of our dreams. Having said this, it is very surprising to know how many of us know about our own cars. Most people know at least a little about how they work, their parts and functions. It is surprising to see that most of us have never even read the user manual of our car cover to cover. This state of blissful ignorance is what most mechanics cash on when you take your car for a repair. It is therefore very important to familiarise yourself with your car. Here are some car repair facts to keep in mind so that you will not make a mess of your car repairs.

Windscreens Repairs

The windscreen is one of the most important part of your car. They need to be repaired when damaged, no matter how small the damage may be. A windscreen replacement does not take more than an hour and you need not always go to a mechanic. There are mobile windscreen repair services that will come to you and replace or repair your windscreen. There is, however, a minimum time before you can drive away after a windscreen has been replaced or repaired. Most mechanics will not tell you this and you will come right back to them when the windscreen cracks again due to even a small impact. Many people are unaware of this fact and drive away right after replacing or repairing a windscreen. Ask your mechanic or read up about it before you drive away and put yourself in danger.

Dashboard Warnings

All of us know that dashboard warning signs are there for a reason. They are there to warn us that something, somewhere in the engine or other parts of the car, is very wrong. Most of us ignore them as we assume that the car is being overly cautious and seems to be running smoothly even when the warning signs are on. Well, the thing is, all these warning signals, over time, accumulate and your car will crash at the most inconvenient of times eventually. You will end up paying more money and wasting more time. It is, therefore, a lot convenient and cost-effective, to check out these warning signs as and when they appear.

Headlight Replacements

You need not rush to a mechanic for every little car repair. It is true that there are some car repairs that you cannot handle, but that does not mean that you have to rush to a mechanic for the smallest of repairs. Headlight replacements are something for which you do not need to rush to a mechanic all the time. Sometimes, your headlights do not need to be replaced at all, but just cleaned. There are many videos online on how to clean and replace your headlights. Watch them or read your user manual. There would definitely be a section on how to change and clean your headlights.

OEM Parts

Car spare parts are a subject on which we can talk for ages. There are many different kinds of car spare parts available in the market today. The same spare part that you can buy for a few dollars is also available for a few hundred or thousand dollars. What is the difference? Well, the difference is that the expensive ones are most likely OEM parts and the others are duplicates. The things about OEMs is that they are manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer, who know the specifications of your car right down to the last nut and bolt. It is, therefore, good for the health of your car to stick to OEM spare parts rather than going for generics. Keep in mind that not everyone is an authorised reseller of OEM parts. Make sure that you buy them from an authorised dealer.

Repair Costs

It is always wise to ask for the cost of the repair before you sign up for anything. When in doubt, especially with mechanical terms, always question. It is always best to compare quotations from a few mechanics before you settle on one.

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