Customer retention is a key component to scale up a business by large – do you agree? If you answered yes, then you’re probably looking to get schooled about the nitty-gritties of remarketing. Remarketing is a great way to reach out to an audience who had previously bumped into your website or mobile app. The idea is to re-establish your brand awareness and connect with audiences who had a vague picture of your line of trade and chose to skip.

In this article, we’re going to focus on learning more about the remarketing campaign mistakes you must avoid. Let’s dive in!

  1. Working on a hunch – Do you assume that there is a burgeoning count of a retargetable audience out there? Well, you might be making pies in the sky. Study about your re-marketable audience first. Are you wondering how to start working on the stats? It’s easier than you think. Gather all relevant site analytics data from different channels. Look for the count of repeated audience. Using filters like a particular business or product could be helpful here. Once you’ve summed up a figure on the traffic achieved, you will have a clear picture of the exact remarketing strategy to implement.
  1. Skip specifying locations –Little were you aware, but adding location could increase your traffic by leaps and bounds. Think about it – if you are looking to win the attention of your target audience with Facebook Ads, for example, and you do not have your specific location(s) mentioned, you are shooting in the dark and paying money for it. To follow up with a solid, high-converting advertising campaign funnel, there’s a pressing need to focus more on the exact location(s) of your potential customers and what relevance it holds to your line of business.
  1. Not segmenting your audience based on remarketing behavior – Social media is on fire, and the popularity of Facebook and Instagram is quite enormous. A zillion ads are popping up every day, redirecting a user to a particular business website or landing page of some kind. Not keeping a check on who visited your site (or LP) and how many times could kill a big deal. There are ways by which you can check the date on which a user has shown interest in your offer or have included their email address. Therefore, when designing a new advertising campaign funnel (as also seen on other digital advertising platforms, such as, for example), you can segment such visitors as ‘Frequent Visitors’ and look upon your offers that made an impact.
  1. Not have Facebook Pixel installed – One of the most crucial remarketing campaign mistakes you must avoid is to skip installing Facebook Pixel. Installing the code helps you connect with visitors who have landed on your website, and also those who have shown some interest in your business, products, or have taken action in one way or another. Reaching out to such traffic is a cakewalk when you have Facebook Pixel in use.