The city of Mumbai can mean different things for different people. For some it is the fashion capital, for some ‘City of Stars’, for some it is ‘the city of dreams and for some ‘a wish granting factory’. It is the city where everyone in the life once aspires to go. I happen to be one of them and I recently moved to Mumbai and fell in love with gradually. What is it about Mumbai that makes this chaotic city so alluring? There are many reasons but I am mentioning a few over here.

Mumbai local trains  

Mumbai—The City Of Dreams

They are the lifeline of Mumbai. People like me who have just entered the job circuit would have found it very difficult to commute if it wasn’t for the locals. They are cheap, fast and crowded but they’re amazing. I don’t know what I’d do without locals in Mumbai

A shopping paradisercity

There are very few people in the world would say that they don’t like shopping. There are a few of us who like cheap shopping more than shopping. Shop without Creating a Dent in your pocket then Mumbai is the place to be. Linking Road, Chor Bazaar, Colaba Causeway, visit anywhere and you’ll agree the fashion quotient is unbeatable. On the other hand, if you are looking for premium options for branded and better quality possessions then Mumbai malls are your place to be.

The street food

street food mumbai

There is nothing better than Mumbai street food. Whenever you have a craving for the spicy chat, vadapao, paanipuri, Mumbai has the answer. There are stores open all night.  Take a walk at the beach and enjoy the magnificent panipuri

A crazy nightlife

Mumbai Night Life

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to claim Mumbai as the safest party destination in India. There is no threat and girls can wear what they want and party as long as they feel like. There are so many trendy bars in Bandra, Colaba, and Andheri.  Mumbai’s nightlife is worth experiencing

Besides all the above mentioned points, it is the people of Mumbai that make the city what it is. They are enthusiastic, happy and most importantly helpful. Sale in Mumbai malls is yet another lovely opportunity to die for and Hindi film industry is definitely the heart of the city.

Indeed, this city is ever young and ever evolving!