Phuket Island is one of the many islands in Thailand whose shores are washed by the waves of the warm Indian Ocean and Andaman Sea. This is also one of the 14 provinces in South Thailand. Phuket Island is known around the globe for its divine nature which made this place popular and recognizable on the tourist maps of the world.

For many years, Phuket provides ideal terms for a fantastic holiday for people regardless of their social status and holiday preferences. Phuket is home to more than 1500 hotels. The beautiful well-organized beaches are only one of the many great things about this island. The rich tourist offer is spiced up with ancient shrines, unique zoo and botanical gardens, amusement parks, national parks, museums and galleries, bars, cafes, sport and shopping centers etc.

In case you want to travel to Thailand for an active holiday, you should know that Thailand provides many forms of activities. Diving is obviously one of them. But, if you really want to use your vacation to make some change in your health, our strong suggestion is to join a Muay Thai camp there.

Muay Thai is the most popular and national sport of this Asian country. Thai people and people from other countries love to watch Muay Thai matches because the fights in the ring are very attractive and the fighters are well-prepared. Of course, in order to get in such shape and to be so strong and agile, they are training on a daily basis. Our recommendation is to do the same, but this time you won’t be working out to become a fighter, but to improve your health instead.

Phuket Island is packed with many Muay Thai training camps, so you won’t have difficulties finding one. Most of these camps accept students regardless of their physical condition, gender or nationality. They just want their students to be sure that they want to take classes and listen to their trainers’ instructions.

Muay Thai training at is a fun activity and literally every person can enjoy in it. During these training classes you can notice the relaxed atmosphere even though all people are fully concentrated on the training itself. The classes usually last no more than 2 hours and the rest of the day is usually used on the local beach in the place where you are accumulated and in exploring the many attractions of this island.

Once again, it is good to know that the training classes include some ordinary and some unique exercises and what they have in common is the fact that they will keep you alerted all the time and that you will not lose motivation to keep visiting these classes. To summarize, Muay Thai training is good for the physical health because it will make your muscle stronger and it will improve your flexibility and speed. It is good for the mental and emotional health because it will make you calmer, more relaxed, more disciplined and it will boost your confidence.