Most Popular Games Around The World

Most Popular Games Around The World

From the olden times games and sports have been become a great entertainment for us. Knowing the potentiality of the games, their benefits to the people so many nations conducted gaming tournaments, championships, contests and special sporting events. Each country has their own national game, which they feel proud about that sport or game. Worldwide, there are thousands of games played between peoples, teams, individuals, organizations and nations too. However, a few games of them only succeeded over periods of time to become massive following sports and gain diehard fans of that sport. Another reason behind these sports becoming so popular is the players involved in the games, many legendary sports persons brought so much glory to respective games using their skills and talents. So, let us now see top five most popular games around the world.


It is commonly known as the football for people, it is a team sport played between the two teams of eleven players. It has a huge following around the world, each soccer match can be viewed by billions of people around the world. The game involved both physical and mental strength to get the upper hand in the game. The players needed to have strong in their fitness and capable of having high standards goal making talents.


It is another team sport, but played in mostly circular green fields unlike soccer fields. It mostly sounds as the baseball, but the rules and instruments used in the game are totally different. In this sport the game played in the center of the stadium on gray court called pitch and fielders will be placed in the ground to catch ball. The team, which makes highest score wins the game, there is a huge following for this sport in Asian countries, Australia, England and African countries.

Basket Ball

Unlike above mentioned two games it is different. One of the most following games in western countries is basketball. It is again a team sport of five members in each team played in a square court with limited space. The aim of the players is to make the ball go through the a hoop placed at a certain height to strong back hold. There are rules also in this game to score without shooting the ball into the hoop.


Hockey is a national sports for both India and Pakistan. It is also a team sport player with wooden made hockey sticks. No player any team has choice to touch the ball, he/she has to use their sticks to make the hockey ball go into the goal pockets. In this sport, the ball stays 95% on the ground, the players have to play with sticks by shooting and hitting strong shots at the ball to hit the goal.

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