Marriage is a tricky subject and it when it comes to same sex couples it becomes all the more complicated and difficult. Here are some of the topics which you need to consider before getting into a same sex marriage with your family lawyers in Brisbane.

Most Common Family Law Issues Related To Same Sex Marriage – NWL Family Lawyers In Brisbane


If you have decided to take the plunge and commit to your partner you should consider having a prenuptial agreement. Prenuptial agreement usually includes provisions like financial details child support custody and visitation rights and various other factors regarding the well being of your child.


If you think that you are not yet ready for marriage you can consider cohabitation instead of a marriage which is legal in the eye of law. With the help of your family lawyers in Brisbane you can do cohabitation for yourself as well as for your partner.


In certain states of Australia where LGBT rights are recognized it is no longer necessary to have a safe heterosexual union in order to sign a tax returns jointly. You can consult any family lawyers in Brisbane and figure out how you should pay your bills so that it will not affect your assets.

Adoption and Surrogacy

Adoption is a very big issue related to same sex marriages. Most LGBT couples prefer adoption when they want to start their own family. Surrogacy is a more natural and expensive method of having your own children. However the process of both adoption and surrogacy is equally confusing and quite lengthy for which you need to consult family lawyers in Brisbane for proper guidance.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence is one thing which is very common for both heterosexual and homosexual marriages. Instead of getting to complacent about your relationship it is important that you recognize this evil and take adequate measures to prevent it.


Divorce is one issue which is common to all types of marital union. Not all couples are meant to last a life time. In case of an impending divorce take adequate measures to ensure that you are not cheated of your rights in terms of property and other assets.

Pay attention to debt

Debts accrued during the marriage belongs to both the spouses, however problems arise when your spouse and their previous account debt is linked to your joint account. This will result in a lower death benefit which will affect the funds available and the credit ranking of the surviving partner.

Consider student aid

If you are a student and have been getting student assistance on scholarship, keep in mind that getting married with lead to a reduction in that aid. Similarly, a recently married couple will see a drop in child support assistance once they decide to get married.

Last but not the least keep an eye on the calendar because if you marry on June 30 you are considered married for the previous financial year for your tax purposes. Instead of getting married on the last day of the financial year it would be really wise to get married on July 1, at the beginning of the new financial year. is a family law firm in Australia who has been providing affordable legal service and guidance to all citizens of Australia irrespective of their background. Their range of legal services includes matters related to divorce, child custody, alimony and other such cases.