Work-related accidents include developing an illness from the working conditions in your trucking job, truck accidents, and injuries got when operating machinery. Workers compensation was put in place to cover all your medical costs during this time and to pay you for any work days that you miss. All employers are required to buy workers compensation insurance premiums. However, not everyone all worker categories is covered. Similarly, not all accidents that happen on the road will be compensated. Here are five tips to help you ensure you get paid when away from an injury.

Report all injuries and accidents

Always ensure that all the illnesses that are connected to the workplace and working conditions are reported. In the event of an accident, request for an incident form and fill it out. If the insurance adjuster does not call about the incident, follow up with your boss.

Get the right medical provider

In accident cases, you may not have a lot of choice over where you will be taken to the E.R. However, if it is an illness, your employer may recommend a particular hospital. Try as much as possible to work with the hospital that you have been told to visit because going elsewhere may mean losing your workers compensation.

Let the medical care providers know that you were injured

When filling out the forms at the hospital, make sure that you indicate that the injury occurred in your line of work. This will ensure that the bill goes to the hospital and not to your home address or the insurer. If you have chosen your doctor, pick one that is approved and certified to make workers compensation claims and has agreed to their pay schedule. It is also good to cross check the relevant medical records and ensure that all history and circumstances of the illness are listed. Do not overlook any details as this could cost you compensation.

Ask your employer for more information about workers compensation

First, understand that workers compensation is a no-fault insurance, which means that you are covered even if the accident wasn’t your fault. However, there are still limits; for instance, if you get an injury while you were intoxicated, you might not get paid. The same case goes to injuries acquired as a result of horseplay and circumstances happening at work, but not connected to the work itself.

Hire a lawyer

Make sure that as soon as you get injured, you contact an attorney to receive your compensation. They will gather the evidence needed to claim in case the insurer does not immediately. You want to get paid for work, especially if the injury occurred on the worksite. Your attorney will help you with getting compensated and ensuring that your bills get paid.