With a strong economy, academic documents, balanced lifestyle and fascinating landscaping, Australia are no less than paradise on earth for education and living. Keeping this in mind, it is not surprising that the country has given more than 2.5 million international students to travel to Australia and change things in a career.

If you are currently studying in Australia or are taking steps to apply for this, then the possibility of Australian permanent residence (PR) may go across your mind. However, in Australia for the right to live, work and study, it is necessary to complete a 2-year study in Australia and get a temporary work visa.

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Every year, the Australian Government releases a list of highly demanded businesses in Australia. International students who have completed their course in given business areas are more likely to get a PR. Although, often, the charismatic nature of the list makes it difficult for international students to choose special courses that help them get the PR.

So, how do you know which occupation is highly in demand and is likely to be in the long-term business listing? We recommend that you contact a registered migration agent in Adelaide to help you with your goals.

Courses that result in permanent residency possibilities in Australia

  • Engineering:- There is always a great need for engineers in Australia, including many areas of chemical engineering, civil engineering, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, agricultural engineering, software engineering, production or plant engineering, biomedical engineering, environmental engineering, telecommunications field engineering. Hence; International engineering students always have strong possibilities for employment in Australia. According to the Good Universal Guide, recent engineering graduates in Australia earned an average of $ 60,705 that is one of the highest salaries in the region.
  • IT: Information Technology is in the foundation of all types of industries around the world. The demand for technical jobs in Australia is very high, and Australia has many jobs for IT professionals. View these courses in IT which offer you the route for Australia PR: Software applications and programming, computer network and systems, web development, ICT business and system analysis are some of them.
  • Accountancy: One of the rapidly expanding businesses in Australia is Accountancy. Between 2001 and 2014 the number of international students studying accounting in Australia increased by 500%. Accountancy Profession always makes their way into business listings. Australian industries require specialized accounting professionals in various domains like management accounts, general accounting, and taxation accounts.
  • Trade Qualification: Trade jobs are easier to land and get good earnings as well as being eligible to apply for permanent residence in Australia. Australia’s Trade Identification (TRA) is a government department that provides a list of business skills in demand for local and foreign trade workers. Particular training is required by the TRA as well as a diploma for trades jobs or certificate III / IV or Bachelor degree. A positive assessment is a passage to becoming a permanent resident in Australia.
  • Nursing: In Australia, nursing universities has an excellent international reputation for providing a high-quality range of undergraduate, research or postgraduate programs in health, nursing, and obstetrics.  Health care and related services are highly respected in Australia. In fact, the Australian infrastructure and healthcare industry are known number one in the world. Australian colleges and universities offering nursing courses are well curriculum structures and teaching staff to prepare nursing people for the healthcare field.

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