Meet An Expert In Criminal Law In Rhode Island

Ann S Sheeley is one of the most popular and widely sought after criminal law attorneys in Rhode Island. She has over 25 years of profound legal expertise in the domain and ensures the best interests of her clients are protected.

Ann ensures her clients get the justice they deserve when they are entangled in a criminal case. She states that after an arrest there are many important decisions to be taken. Since criminal offence is very sensitive and can change a person’s life drastically, it is very important for you to have the right legal representation for the case. The attorney should go into the depths of the case to provide you with the best possible outcome. This is what she emphasizes on when you are involved either in a big or small way in a criminal case.

Ann Sheeley is the founder of Sheeley Law- one of the most highly esteemed law firms in Rhode Island. Her firm is located at Newport and houses some of the best criminal defense lawyers in the area. Ann also defends clients in Massachusetts. For her everyone who is embroiled in a criminal law suit deserves aggressive defense. She and her team of passionate lawyers will ensure you are defended throughout the case with success.

Ann undertakes the total onus of managing criminal cases from start to finish. She ensures the filing of paperwork and evidence is done accurately. Often there is a lot of pressure on the accused and his/her family. She plays an active role in counseling and guiding them through the case too.

It is important for the accused to understand the implications of the charges and how the case should proceed. Ann takes pains to ensure her clients are aware of the case and how developments unfold. She states that it is very important for clients to understand their case. They have their share of stress and tension. It takes a toll on their well-being.

If you are accused of crime and need the services of a dedicated attorney who will ensure your fundamental rights to a defense against the crime is not violated, you can bank on Ann. She also offers you a free consultation session where you can openly discuss the case with her. She is empathetic and compassionate. She will listen to you with patience and ask the relevant questions to help her evaluate the case and how she can assist you the best. In short, she cares about your defense as much as you do!

Ann deals with criminal law cases that involve DUI, drugs, domestic violence, robbery, traffic violations, assault, white collar crimes, fraud, juvenile offenses, bail hearings, probation violation, expungements and more. The moment you bank on Ann Sheeley for the defense of your case, she will act instantly to defend you and your legal rights. She will minutely examine all the aspects that pertain to your case. This will help her to develop a defense strategy and plan an appropriate course of action.

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