Meet A Valuable Asset To The Hotel Management Industry Today!

When you think about the hotel management industry today, you will find that there are just a few esteemed hotels that will make you feel like home. Thanks to their principles, values and business leaders the staff and professionals go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and wanted. When it comes to luxury hotels, you will find that The Pan Pacific Hotels Group is one name that stands out across the world today. This hotel chain has 12 global locations and each of them is popular for their excellent service delivery and quality manpower. The levels of customer service are equal thanks to the training, guidance and mentorship of one individual-Patrick Imbardelli!

Patrick Imbardelli is a famous name in the hotel management industry across the world today. He is known for his outstanding leadership and motivational skills. Patrick believes in the element of trust to a large extent and from trust he maintains goodwill is established. He is highly respected and revered by both his peers and subordinates today. He is considered to be one of the best leaders and mentors the hotel and hospitality industry has seen today.

What makes Patrick Imbardelli different from the rest of is his compassionate and friendly nature. He is an excellent team builder and has the ability to lead with utmost inspiration and motivation.

These are some rare qualities that you see in the hotel and hospitality industry today. When you are looking for a good mentor you always need someone who will guide you through challenges as well. As you know the hotel and hospitality industry is a very demanding one. The levels of customer service and attention should be high. If you are attending to the customer, it is important for you to be alert and at the same time responsible for making your guest happy. However, at times there are things that do go wrong and in the midst of correction, you may unconsciously do the wrong thing as no one has taught you how to resolve practical problems at the workplace. Patrick takes this into high account and this is why he guides staff and professionals on how to resolve and solve issues that pertain to the workplace. It is important for you to keep and maintain a very high morale when you are in the hotel and hospitality industry. There are cases where customers are rude or may be too demanding.

Patrick Imbardelli says with the right attitude you can overcome these issues and win the customer to your side. He has been in the hotel management industry for more than 30 years and he shares his good and bad experiences with his subordinates. Here, they also get an insight on how to tackle issues and win the hearts of their guests. Patrick’s efforts have indeed been successful as if you look at all of the 12 global locations of the PPHG chain of hotels; they are doing well thanks to him and his sincere efforts!

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