Gifting flowers on Valentine’s Day is a must! Every florist and gift shop gets stocked to the brim with local as well as exotic flowers. For many gifting flowers to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day simply means going to the florist and picking out that bunch of red roses. However, ‘saying it with flowers’ on the day of love and more importantly saying it right is something not many put thought into.

Flowers, just like their distinct colours and types, also have different symbolic meaning. While roses stand for love and is a widely loved flower to express feelings of love, the orchid stands for love, beauty and fascination. Here are some of the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers found in India and the meanings of their names.

  1. Roses

roses for valentiens

The rose, especially the red rose, is the most popular and the bestselling flower not only on Valentine’s Day, but also all year round. The name rose means ‘I love you’ and is the most sought after flower for gifting in India. Gifting a huge bouquet of a thousand red roses is sure to win the heart of a loved one forever.

  1. Carnations


Carnation means admiration. A bouquet of carnations will tell a loved one that they are admired for life. These exquisite looking flowers come in various colours like red, orange, pink and yellow are have a long shelf life even after they are cut.

  1. Gladiolus


Commonly found in flower shops all over India, the gladiolus means love at first sight. For those who fall in love at first sight, expressing feelings with the gladiolus flower is perfect. Cut gladiolus flowers stay fresh for long and will be a beautiful reminder of feelings of first love.

  1. Gerberas


These sunflower-like flowers mean ‘you are the sunshine of my life’. A basket full of gerberas are great to tell a loved one exactly how important they are.

  1. Orchids

Meaning It With Flowers On Valentine’s Day

Orchids mean charm, and refined beauty and love. Orchids are exotic flowers that come in a variety of types, shapes and colours. Available at most florists in India, they are a perfect choice to send Valentines Day flowers to India.

  1. Daisies


Daisy means purity of love. Known as the ‘day’s eye’ and recognized as the ‘weed of the lawn’, daisies add beauty and abundance to a bouquet with their tiny packed florets.

  1. Lilies

lilies flowers

The lily means purity of heart. They are available in a variety of types like the calla lily, lily of the valley and water lily, and come in an array of colours. Want to express pure love? Lily is the flower!

  1. Tulips

tulip valentine day

Used as a backdrop in a number of romantic movies, tulips, especially the red ones stand for a declaration of love. These exotic European flowers are a great way to declare love to someone on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Daffodils

Daffodils mean unrequited love. For those lovelorn people looking for an answer in love can express their feeling with these delicate yellow flowers.

  1. Birds of paradise


A recent inclusion in Indian flower bouquets, bird of paradise mean faithful love and enhance the beauty of any bouquet by adding drama.

All these flowers are available on the online product catalogues and can be sent to a loved one in more than 500 cities in India.

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