MBA continues to be one of the most coveted courses at the post-graduate level. While the old specializations like marketing and finance are still opted by many, new specializations like MBA in IT, MBA in Retail have started becoming quite popular among students. The following post takes a quick look at the specialization of MBA in IT.

MBA in Information Technology (IT) is comparatively a new arrival in the field of management however it has been gaining popularity very fast with an increasing rate. And it has got immense potential for growth in the coming years as forecasted by experts and management gurus. And that is why it is taught in most of the famous management institutes all over the country.

An MBA in IT involves the study of applications and implementation of business management in the field of Information Technology. A course on MBA in IT encompasses everything—right from introduction of the IT to the new and emerging trends, and also its application in the realm of business management.

Information Technology, an Overview:

Before going into MBA in IT, it would be worth having a glimpse on IT itself at first. Information Technology or simply IT is actually a very comprehensive term encompassing comprehensive functions and services. Generally speaking it refers to the use of computer and related equipment to store and share information. It also makes use of internet, telecom equipment and related software and even telephone and televisions. And in the academic perspective IT refers to the study that enables the students to satisfy the computer based technological needs of an organization. It helps by means of computer and other hardware along with required software to manage and use the information system of any organization. The work also encompasses development and maintenance of job specific software along with their installation and up-gradation. So anybody can easily understand the depth and the comprehensiveness of its scope.

MBA In IT, The Latest Addition In The Management Arena

What is Taught in MBA in IT?

A student doing MBA in IT learns how to apply and implement the computer based knowledge and technology for the benefit of the business enterprises. It also enables him to design organizational and strategic planning related to IT infrastructure of the organization. The subjects like Information database management, Computer science, Networking etc are taught in the course. The course is highly valued by corporate and other organizations.

Relevance of MBA in IT

With ever increasing usage and application of Information Technology in every walk of business the requirement of professionals having both the IT as well as management skill has considerably increased. But as these two namely IT and management belong to the domains that are totally different in nature, the conglomeration of them was not possible so far. But to cater to the continuous demand for a combination of the two has given birth to the course named MBA in IT. The students undergoing the course are having the capabilities to efficiently make use of both the skills of Management as well as IT because that is the need of the hour. 

Job Prospects and Future of MBA in IT

There is immense scope of career development for students who have done MBA in IT. Companies always prefer the combination of both the skill-sets of IT and Management in their employees who will be able to manage both the fields more efficiently. It is also cost effective for them having both in one instead of having two different people.  That is why an MBA in ITalways gets higher preference in an organization and climbs up the ladder of hierarchy faster than MBAs with specializations other than IT.

To conclude it must be remarked that MBA in IT is an immensely useful and helpful course to be chosen as a career option and it is undeniable that among all other management specialization Information Technology is on the highest demand. It is a rare combination of the two highly sought after domains. So it can be safely said that a student pursuing this course from a recognized and reputed institution is having the potential for a bright future ahead.

The institutes offering MBA in IT: There are many renowned institutes in the nation that offer MBA in IT, some of them are given below –

  1. Indian Institute of Management,Calcutta (Website :
  2. Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (Website :
  3. S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (Website :
  4. National Institute of Industrial Engineering (Website :
  5. Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (Website :
  6. Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (Website :

The above list is created selecting the names on random basis without any bias for any educational organizations specifically. However there are also other eminent institutes who cater MBA in IT.