In the fast-paced world of modern industry, it’s becoming more and more important to be able to access documents, applications and communications easily whether you’re in or out of the office. With the advent and growth of cloud storage, company owners can now have around the clock access to essential management systems anytime and anywhere. The world of order-driven manufacturing is complex and has a lot of hands involved in keeping it moving smoothly. Production doesn’t wait on business trips or time out-of-office. Having a management system like Infor VISUAL on cloud storage allows staff, employees and clients to have access to information on invoices, delivery, production and more at their convenience.

Secure Access to Your System

Cloud storage puts control at the fingertips of a company’s IT staff and executive team. With the sensitive information stored in Infor VISUAL, it’s important to know who can access what information and conversations. With Infor VISUAL maintaining order information for specific suppliers and customers, having the system on lockdown with entrance given only to authorized personnel is crucial to securing client and company information. When your system is being used by many different clients and managers, it’s important to keep information under lock and key for the sake of information security.

Make Back-Ups a Breeze

When problems arise in production or clients have questions about the state of an order and need an immediate answer, you need access to your management program fast. There’s no allowance for downtime when you’re producing and shipping large orders to clients. With Infor VISUAL on cloud storage, downtime is eliminated and there’s no longer a risk of losing vital information through system crashes. Backups are created automatically and can be scheduled to your needs. With a system hosted on an digital cloud server, there’s no worrying about faulty hardware.

Manage Production From Anywhere in the World

The biggest innovation of cloud storage is allowing users access to important documents and systems anywhere where there’s internet available. There’s no need to be in office to track production. Having ongoing access to Infor VISUAL on the cloud means you can maintain efficiency even when you’re out of town. Show prospective clients the benefits of Infor VISUAL on the cloud at any time right from your laptop. When your server access isn’t tied to your office, management becomes that much easier. Having a valuable asset like Infor VISUAL at your fingertips puts you at the advantage at all times.

When business is growing and your customers and employees need consistent access to documents, programs, systems and more without fear of information theft, hosting on a cloud storage server is the best way to keep information safe and accessible. The control and security that cloud storage provides companies allows them to fine tune access to meet their company’s needs. There’s no wasted time on manual back ups and your company can breathe easy knowing essential tools like Infor VISUAL’s product will never lose information and never go down. By using the cloud for hosting, digitized information and services will always be there when you need them most. Bring your company into the future with the efficiency of the cloud and take control of your company’s virtual business needs.