Making The Most Of Udaipur On A Weekend

Making The Most Of Udaipur On A Weekend

In a world full of inconsistencies, it is important to escape the loop of our daily routine from time to time. Take a break to feel alive again. We all want to take out time for ourselves to do the things we like, don’t we? But being trapped in 9 to 5 job we only get the weekends to replenish our minds. With two days in hand, traveling to some beautiful and romantic destination is a prudent choice.

Also known by the epithet “City of Lakes” or the “Kashmir of Rajasthan”, Udaipur is located beside the gleaming Lake Pichola and Aravalli ranges running in every direction separating it from the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. The place beholds the finest architectural and constructive exhibits. Udaipur’s tag of ‘the most romantic spot on the continent of India’ has been applied because of its indispensable vibe. Starting from astonishing palaces to picturesque landscapes, Udaipur has it all. Decorated with Temples, Palaces, Havelis and inter-connected by narrow streets, the city has a charm of its own and is perfect for a getaway weekend.

You must visit the City Palace and the Vintage car museum to take a peek at history. The Vintage car museum has some of the most expensive and oldest car currently available in India. Other than these, the lake garden palace, Bagore ki haveli, Jagdish temple and Jag Mandir are few places where the tourists swarm in to experience some exotic and elegant sights. These places are excellent sopts to click enticing pictures for every photographer.

One of the best things in Udaipur is the calm and enduring boat rides in the lake Pichola during sunsets. The ride will take you to a surreal-like experience, making you oblivious to all distractions. You will find yourself amidst some of the most beautiful sights that nature can project.

When it comes to accommodation there are beautiful luxury hotels and resorts in Udaipur. Settled midst of the jungle on the foot of Aravalis, is the exotic Tree Leaf Vantara Resort & Spa. For the foodies Udaipur offers a variety of mouth-watering and exquisite cuisine. A few amazing restaurants and eateries like Udai Art Café, Café Satori and Oladar village café puts up a relishing and delightful platter for their visitors. Whatever your need maybe, Udaipur has everything.

During night hours, the narrow streets of the city are thronged by small ancient shops and are frequented by tourists. With so many people on the streets, they are perpetually busy and exhausting, but yet lively and compelling. The Hathi Pol Bazaar is filled with varieties of embroideries, clothing, traditional items, decoratives, etc at a decent price that it will make your mind go crazy. With so much happening everywhere there is always a loud nattering going on around. The local busy bazaar adds up a very vibrant feeling to the atmosphere and lits up the entire place. An indispensable experience for every shopaholic. Overall, the city brings out a very colourful and energetic vibe of people.

Udaipur is a retreated heaven, always filled with joy and colours. A place which lives up to its tag of being the most romantic place in the country. Where people go in search of serenity and placidity and with so much stress in life, people need to get out, to keep their mind free and calm. It is important that we understand it. Make sure that you do spend a peaceful weekend in the beautiful palaces, temples and luxury resorts in Udaipur.

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