Making Sense Of Data With Nprinting

We live in an extremely visual world today, with most of what we know being given to us in clear images. Especially in business, you work with hard facts that you can see clearly, and anything that is obscure is likely to set off some alarm bells. Why not use NPrinting from QlikView to help you make sense of your data?

Make your data picture perfect

With the growth of the internet and the various marketing and research channels it has opened up, you have access to infinitely more data than before. Whatever goods or services you are working with, you want to know what your target market expects. But when you research these trends, brands and relevant facts you get more data back than you can work with.

You want your data to make sense, right? That is why you need a product like QlikView to help collect and organise your data. This is a great tool for organising your data, and then to sift through it to separate what is relevant from what is not.

By using NPrinting you are given the opportunity to organise your relevant data into a visually appealing format, and which makes sense. NPrinting allows you to create well-designed reports in various formats, according to what you need. Whether you need PDFs, HTML, or Microsoft Office reports, it’s all right there for you.

A convenient platform for your data

You will appreciate the convenience of NPrinting when working with data, especially since you can automate so much of the process. With a simple automated schedule you can tell the systemprogramme when you need reports to be created and sent, and it will happen on time, every time without any extra effort on your part.

Confidentiality and security is also guaranteed. NPrinting allows you to set filters that ensure each recipient only sees the parts of the reports relevant to them. So you’re sensitive information is protected, and you have the benefit of not needing to spend time making up individual reports in your own time.

Even when you need to add in extra information, NPrinting will always be efficient in terms of time. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping data into the report editor, and from there you can relax while NPrinting processes the data for you.

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