The Industrial Age proceeded a time of widespread use of chemicals by most of society on a regular basis. However, the focus is slowly shifting back to using natural products that are good for individuals and the environment in which they live. Essential Oils which have been used since ancient times for cosmetic, medicinal and hygienic purposes have recently been reintroduced to modern society. These powerful oils are used to pleasing perfume and clean rooms, but the most amazing benefits are seen when essential oils are used to treat common bodily ailments. Here are a few examples of ways that essential oils are used medicinally as well as some known recommended precautions associated with their use.

Absorbing Essential Oils Topically

The skin is the body’s largest organ so the type of products used on it is very important. Essential oils are safely and effectively absorbed into the skin by carefully blending the oils for use in baths or massage sessions. For example, a few drops of pure lavender oil can be added to bath water to help treat insomnia and nervous conditions. Lavender which has both antiviral and antibacterial properties can be applied directly to skin to speed the healing of minor cuts and scrapes. This oil is also a favorite among massage therapists because of its abilities to soothe sore muscles without needing a carrier oil for dilution. Highly prized in Asian culinary circles, lemongrass is also an essential oil star performer that helps detoxify the lymphatic system, and it is often used in natural personal care products like deodorants and antiperspirants.

Making Illnesses Recoil With Essential Oils

Inhaling Healing Benefits of Essential Oils

Many people rely on over the counter medications to temporarily relieve their upper and lower respiratory infection symptoms. The potential side effects of taking these drugs are numerous, and the interactions with other medicines taken just exacerbate the issue. However, one does not need to worry about overloading one’s body with chemicals when the essential oil eucalyptus is available. Eucalyptus has antiviral and antibacterial properties that are enhanced when used during a facial steam session. Breathing in the natural decongestant allows eucalyptus oil users to thin mucous for more productive coughs.

Using Essential Oils Responsibly

Although essential oils are totally natural, they are also very potent. Expert herbalists and naturopathic doctors generally caution their patients against applying undiluted essential oils directly to the skin. They usually recommend that the pure essential oils be diluted with a carrier oil prior to applying them directly to the skin or even to bath water. It is advisable that one gets essential oils from reputable dealers to ensure that one is getting pure oils that will be safe and effective. Also, most essential oils are recommended for topical use only; exceptions to the rule include essential oils like cinnamon bark oil taken internally a drop at a time in warm water to prevent stomach viruses from contaminated food.

John Doe is the author of several works on natural living and alternative medicine like Essential Oils and Cure Oils Lemongrass. He is also a nature enthusiast who enjoys getting involved with environmental conservation projects.