So, you are finally visiting your dream tourist destination and there is no limit to your excitement. While travelling is fun for most people, it often leaves them drained, especially when they travel wearing uncomfortable clothes. The scenario gets even more unpleasant when it’s the peak of the summer season. Travelling in scorching hot days of summer can prove miserable to even the most avid traveller. Dripping sweat, humidity and damp clothes clinging to your body only add to that misery. And that is why a lot of people refrain from travelling in the summer months.  But with almost all schools in India closing for the longest time during summers, it becomes really difficult to convince kids to stop anticipating vacation tours. As a result, travelling in heat becomes inevitable.

Make Travelling Easier With Kurtis

While there is no way to end the misery caused due to travelling in summers, you can always minimise it by wearing comfortable clothes. If you are a woman, you can wear a kurti with a pair of jeans. You can easily find short kurtis for jeans in the market.Kurtis not only look trendy but also are extremely comfortable. They make sure you enjoy every bit of your trip without compromising on its quality. The best thing about kurtis is that they keep you adequately covered. So, you can roam about freely without having to adjust your dress every other minute. Most kurtis come with a slightly raised neckline. So, you can wear them even without a dupatta or a stole to wrap around the neck.

Accessorial clothing items like stoles, scarves and dupattas only add to the heat. Hence, it’s best to avoid them during summer. What you will certainly like about a kurti is that it can be worn ill-fitted as well, if that is how you like it. While an ill-fitted blouse can damage the looks of a saree clad woman, kurtis never do so. In fact, there is a class of kurti which is ill-fitted by nature. These kurtis, called Pakistani kurtis, enhance the beauty of a woman despite being a little ill-fitted.

Now, that you have decided to wear a kurti on your tour, you must plan next what type, colour or design you are going to wear. Generally, short kurtis are best for the purpose of travelling. They are easy to carry and occupy only as much space in your luggage as your kid’s t shirt would do.  So, they also ensure a lighter than usual luggage. If you are teaming your kurti with a pair of jeans, which you should invariably do, you should make sure the kurti is short. Short kurtis complement jeans better.

Just buy a new pair of jeans and a lot of kurtis to team it up with, and your shopping for the trip is done. When you buy a kurti, you must, however, get it from a big shop having a large collection of them. With a larger variety to choose from, you will pick the most appropriate item for yourself.