Electronic cigarette starter kits are offered worldwide and are the best way for you to try out the electronic smoking experience to see if it’s right for you before you go out and purchase individual accessories. They also make great gifts for anyone you know who may have mentioned trying out electronic cigarettes. The prices for the kits vary depending on what you want included in yours, but even the most basic and inexpensive kits come with all of the necessary tools you will need to try out an electronic cigarette for at least one to two weeks.

Cartridges and Batteries

The majority of starter kits sold today come with refillable cartridges called cartomizers. These cartridges are pre-filled with e-cigarette liquid and contain a special heating coil which vapourises the liquid that provides the “smoke” from the e-cigarette and the nicotine. Some are available nicotine-free and come in different flavours. These cartridges contain the equivalent of about two packs of cigarettes. Once the cartridge is empty, you can dispose of it and replace it with a fresh one, or you may have the option of re-filling it with your choice of e-cigarette liquid.

The kits also come with rechargeable batteries which are contained in the part of the e-cigarette that looks like the “filter”. These “filters” are now available in an array of different colours and designs, from natural looking to neon coloured. Kits may include multiple batteries and other accessories. It is helpful to know that the smaller the battery, the fewer puffs you will be able to get before it runs out. Fortunately, all kits come with USB chargers as well.

Make The Switch To E-Smoking Easily With Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

USB Chargers

Another essential item you will find in your e-cigarette starter kit is a USB charger. These chargers will keep your battery going and will usually come with a wall adapter or can be plugged into any laptop or computer tower. If you decide that e-smoking is for you and would like to go out and purchase other accessories, there are now a wide range of rechargeable cases, packs, and car chargers that help to keep your e-cigarette charged up when you’re on the go.


Not all starter kits come with warranties, so if this is an important item for you, make sure you check to be sure that the kit you are buying includes one. The kits that do come with a warranty will usually cost a little bit more than kits that do not, but for some people it is worth it to have the assurance that if something goes wrong they have that extra protection.

What to Look for

The best starter kits can cost much more comparatively, but they can really be worth the extra money. Before you purchase a starter kit of your own, think about what you want out of the kit and shop around for the best ones. Nucig electronic cigarette starter kits are all of the highest quality and come in a wide range in terms of pricing and what they offer for accessories.