Make American Express Credit Card Bill Payment On Time & Enjoy A World Of Luxuries

Make American Express Credit Card Bill Payment On Time & Enjoy A World Of Luxuries

Often the name of American Express crops up when the discussion happens on a  credit card. It’s because of the way American Express helps its clients get the best of services. Doesn’t matter whether it’s about reward points, redemption offers, lounge access, travel vouchers, American Express has all that in abundance to keep the card shoppers interested.

To continue experiencing good services, one has to pay the bills on time. There could be some not knowing how to make Credit Card Bill Payment on time. And, as a result, they can end up paying late payment penalty as well as the taxes. Let’s understand through the article the modes to pay bills on time.

American Express Credit Card Payment NEFT

You can pay your American Express Credit Card bill using the mode of National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT). All that you need is log in to your online banking account and add American Express as payee. Enter credit card account number, IFSC Code, bank branch, etc, to add it. The moment American Express Credit Card is added as a payee, you will receive an intimation for the same on your mobile number. The payee may take around 30 minutes to activate. So, after the said period, you can log in to check whether the card is activated or not. If activated, you can enter the bill amount and pay online.

Other Online Payment Modes

You can also log in to net banking and add American Express Credit Card to the list of billers. Mention credit card number, name as written on the card, expiry date, etc. Feed all these details properly for the card to get added. So, whenever American Express generates the bills, a message regarding the same will come to your mobile number. The message would contain total due, minimum due and the due date of payment. Interestingly, the bills can be paid automatically from your bank account. While adding the biller via net banking, you may come across the button of ‘Auto Pay’. Click on it and add the bill for automatic payment. You would receive a message stating the activation of Auto Pay. Upon bill generation, you will get a message about it much before the due date. So, you can keep sufficient amount on your bank account and get the bills paid automatically.

American Express Credit Card Offline Payment Modes

You can pay the bill by depositing the cheque at branches of American Express or the bank from where you want to make the payment. Even a cash deposit would do but with charges as applicable. Also, you can go to your bank branch and get the money transferred via NEFT. Here, you would need to fill the NEFT form as well as provide a canceled cheque.

Hope American Express Credit Card Bill Payment modes are expressed in a simple way for you to understand and implement. Of the ways described, online payment modes can be more convenient than their offline counterparts.

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