When it comes to Log Homes, a lot of people are usually concerned with failed finish, UV damage, pest infestation, blackened logs, and much more. This results in spending hours and hours on research to find the right technique to tackle the problem. So, is maintaining a log home really that difficult? Contact discoverydreamhomes.

Maintaining A Log Home – Expanding The Survival Of Your Shelter

Is it confusing?

Yes, it can be very confusing. This is mainly because of the conflicting views of the manufacturers and the advertisers. Where some manufacturers claim their logs to be chinkless, some advertisers say, no such thing as chinkless Log exists at all! Also, one claims that oil based stain works best, whereas other areas that water based stain is. Some services believe the logs should never be power washed with water, but other think corn cobbing leaves the wood pitted and hence should be washed with water alone. So when there are so many views on even a small thing, it can get really confusing. You can discuss it with Log Home Manufacturer.

But why?

The confusion arises when companies stand up to say their product is the best and wants to own the majority of the market and grow their business. One should understand that there are a lot of ways of solving a hassle. And every technique has its own pros and cons. But all the methods have proven to be effective when done rightly. Besides, they are also known to worsen the case when used incorrectly. Amidst all this confusion, it is the best thing to consult a log professional for the right solution of our problem. With their years of experience, they will be the right guys to assess your problem and determine the best method to eliminate it. Professionals understand the specific method and trust it to get rid of your problem.

What can be done?

One should contact an experienced log restoration company that use products particularly intended for log homes. These companies assess the results of a poorly designed log home or an inferior coating to it. It is always good to talk to a few companies before you decided who to go with. It is to be noted that, the companies will try their best to talk you into the thinking that their method is the best technique.

Although the restoration companies may offer different solutions, the end result should probably be the same, provided the technique is done correctly. After the treatment, be it a corn cob, or a power wash, or a chemical stripper, the logs will be clean and set for the stain.

  • For best log stain performance, the surface of the logs should be properly cleaned and should be prepared to stain, which are the most important factors.
  • Borate can be applied to the logs after they are cleaned to prevent moulds insects, etc.
  • Having wide overhangs, good drainage systems, adequate ground clearance and keeping shrubs away from logs are very important. This will ensure that the logs remain dry and don’t soak up water and end up increasing their moisture content. Moist wood is more prone to decay.
  • Always use products that are specifically designed for log homes and make sure they are good quality products.
  • Also use coatings that are specifically designed for log homes and repel water, protect wood from sunlight and allow logs to breathe.

The Log Home Maintenance starts from a good design. So start by looking forth best Log Home Designer. The next step is to find the right Log Home Manufacturer. A good design needs a good Manufacturer too!