Main Reasons For Basement Flooding

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When a homeowner walks down the stairs to the basement and finds inches deep water flowing on the basement floor, they are completely caught by surprise. They ask themselves how this could have happened. The reality is, there are many primary reasons why the basements get flooded. You need to understand those reasons and causes so you can take preemptive actions to protect your house and its foundation. Before you educate you on the main reasons for basement flooding, call a water clean up services company to handle the task of cleaning your flooded basement. You do not want to waste any more time on delaying this crucial job.

Why Are Basements Inclined To Flood?

Before we talk about the actual reasons of basement flooding, it is important to understand why they are inclined to flood. This is simply because of their location. Since the basements are situated at a low point of the house, water is inclined to come into the basement through two ways:

  1. Water flows up the pipelines of your home. Since the bottommost exit point is the basement, the water ends up and floods in your basement.


  1. The groundwater sitting near your house finds a way in through various entry points such as foundation cracks, window wells, etc.

Main Reasons For Basement Flooding

Now that you have realized the two major entry points of how water enters and floods your basement, you can guess the primary causes. Make sure an experienced and reliable water clean up services company tells you the causes to your basement flooding.

  1. There is an issue with the main sewer line, which permits water to run back up and finds its way out into your house. This is a very common occurrence known as sewage overflow.


  1. There is some residue ground water standing in near your basement. Despite the fact that your basement walls are in excellent condition, they are constructed from concrete, which is absorbent and porous. This is why you should not allow water to sit near your house. Often we wash our car, the windows and roof of our house, and leave a puddle of residue water lying there. An expert and dependable water clean up services company will tell you that that puddle of water will find its way in your home if you don’t take care of it.

What Can You Do To Prevent Basement Flooding In Your House

Implement the following tips and tricks to prevent your basement from flooding.


  1. Make sure to take care of residue or groundwater lying around your house. Especially after heavy rains, you need to pay extra attention that there are no puddles lying around near your house. The best approach is to make sure your downspouts and gutters are cleared of debris so the rainwater moves away from your house.


  1. Have a backflow preventer controller installed so the water is prevented from flowing up the sewage pipelines and right in the basement. Your trusty water clean up services company will be sure to give you their expert advice on how you can prevent your basement from flooding.

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