Trains carry an uncanny charm. Almost everybody must have traveled by train. You may have cherished those childhood memories of gazing out of the train window, trying to catch the sight of the rapidly moving landscape, as the train chugs happily through interesting routes and bridges.

Those who traveled to India in the earlier times can recall how it feels to travel in steam engine train. Train travel leaves beautiful memories, in spite of the fact that Indian platforms are overcrowded, the trains may not be that clean, and the stations would be dotted with spicy, oily snacks made locally. All these and more add an element of interest and fanfare for a rail traveler.

However, there is a section of the society who believes in traveling in luxury. They want to escape from the usual train chaos and crowd. Luxury train holidays are the norm for them. Worry not, for India has a fleet of luxury trains ready to cater to the whims and fancies of these luxury travelers.

One of them is the Maharajas’ Express. Now, this train is a class apart. It is compared with the world famous Orient Express of Europe. India is proud to present its fine hospitality and the knack to provide luxury travel to its tourists through its half a mile long luxury-on-wheels.

More about the Train

Talking of the Maharaja train, nothing is more delightful than being on board this royally-decorated “kingdom” that calls each passenger a royal guest. It is hard to not feel like a king or a queen in this train. The entire staff is trained to treat you like “your majesty.”

One of the striking features of this train is the warm, red carpet welcome given to its royal guests in pure Indian traditional style. They do a ‘tilak’ on your forehead and offer you a garland of fresh vibrant flowers. It is a surreal experience traveling in this train.


The Maharaja train offers 5 distinct North Indian tours and 2 distinct South Indian tours. Tours like Gems of India, Treasures of India, Heritage of India, Indian Splendor, and Indian Panorama give tourists an excellent opportunity to dig deeper into the North Indian royal culture. Tours like Southern Sojourn and Southern Jewels give tourists a chance to have a tryst with India’s rich heritage and natural beauty.

The train operates between September and April. This is also the best time to tour India. This is also the time when Indians celebrate their important festivals like Navratri, Deepawali, Makar Sakranti, and more. Each state has a different way to celebrate festivals; but the common thing is that each festivity brings vibrancy and thrill in the lives of people.

People traveling to India on luxury train holidays can feel the essence of Indian celebrations. They can mingle with local crowds and get a taste of folk music and dance.

Tour itineraries of trains like the Maharajas’ Express are so designed that they give you a chance to visit various World Heritage Sites, ex-princely cities, God’s own country (Kerala), famous and ancient caves (Ajanta), the Golden Triangle tourist circuit (Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur), and lots more.

The Maharajas’ Express with its sleek coaches and rich décor wins the hearts of tourists, both domestic and international. It offers a journey of a lifetime. Do you know the train is bestowed by several global and national awards by prestigious travel magazines?

If you are looking for extreme luxury and pamper, train maharaja is the name to beckon. You can easily book your space online and also see schedules of tours. The train usually starts its luxury tours from Delhi, departing from New Delhi’s Safdarjung Station every Wednesday. It carries with it the royal legacy of India and leaves its passengers with a “royal high.”