Just as champagne is regarded as a drink that is widely used for celebration, smoking a cigar has the same concept too. You will come across many individuals that prefer to celebrate their success, a reunion, wedding, engagement, or just about any celebration under the sun with a fine luxurious cigar. Here we will go through few special occasions that can be regarded as ideal to celebrate with a fine cigar.

Luxury Cigars For Any Occasion

Shopping for a Cigar

First and foremost, you have to choose a quality cigar for your celebration or for that special occasion. So, where do you plan to shop? There are undoubtedly endless vendors on the virtual world, each trying hard to tempt shoppers with their wide array of these luxurious fine cigar products, but as there is an old saying “Old is Gold”, you can stick to the brands that are well known and have been known for these products for several years now. Although, there are many such brands, but Fine Davidoff cigars can be purchased at Famous Smoke Shop, these quality Montecristo cigars can be picked up here online. So, if you are a patron of Famous Smoke Shop and also of Fine Davidoff cigars, all you have to do is zero-in on the right vendor and just punch in your plastic card numbers and you have the stuff delivered at your doorstep in a couple of days time. So, given below are the special occasions when you can celebrate with a fine cigar.

    1. Birth of your baby – This is perhaps an ideal occasion when you can enjoy a cigar of your choice. Moreover, in several countries, it is a custom to gift cigars wrapped in gift wrappers to dear and near ones in the family and also to your friends.
    2. Wedding – You can smoke cigars that are wrapped in gift wraps that loudly declare that you have been just married. You will oftentimes come across cigars that are made especially for newlyweds with the message written on the wrapper “Just Married”. Enjoy your new reunion and pray that all the worries get burnt out in the smoke of the cigar!
  • Accomplishment at work – It is customary to enjoy success with friends in many places when you have just been promoted or you have achieved an outstanding result in your place of work. This is an ideal time to light up your favorite brand of cigar and raise a toast to yourself.
  • Birthday – Regardless of whether it is your birthday or your best friend’s birthday, you can enjoy the day with different flavored cigars. The Famous Smoke Shop has been an all time favorite of the cigar smokers and you can shop around for new flavors or buy your signature brand here. Don’t forget to shell out some cash for the butane as you should always be prepared to light up your favorite cigar if you decide to enjoy your birthday in wilderness!
  • Playing cards – When you are playing cards with your friends, share a lighter moment with a fine luxurious cigar in your hand. Exchange favorite brands of each and recall the good old days spent at college.
  • Dinner – After dinner is an ideal time when you can enjoy a puff. It has been observed that despite the fact that almost all brands of cigars and cigarettes come with the warning sign that smoking is not good for health, yet every year, there are hundreds of millions of cigars being sold in every single cigar/cigarette/tobacco shop/outlet.

Aside from the occasions mentioned above, there are scores of other events/festivities/celebrations, when a puff from your favorite brand of cigar can be taken. Take a puff and shed all your worries and let your troubles evaporate with the smoke!