Protein shakes that are low in calorie, is a good choice of succeeding the weight loss efforts. According to the report of 2003 people who used protein shakes were able to shed off more weight as compare to the people that only follow a low-calorie diet for the weight loss.

The best thing about these shakes is that you can easily make these protein shakes at home by following the below mentioned tips:

Tip 1

Don’t add the ingredients that are high in the terms of calories. You must know the loss amount in the protein shakes that you are going to make so that you do not add more calories than the burning calories. This point is very important to know when you are taking the protein drinks as the supplements to the fat loss meals.

If you want to know the amount of calories in your shakes, you can go for the ready-made recipe that clarify all the detail of the calories or you can go for an online calorie counter to check out the total amount of calories that is present in the ingredients.

Tip 2

Always use the ingredients that are low in densities. These foods items have a tendency to make you feel fuller for the long time of period. These types of foods include non-fat Greek yogurt, fruits high in fiber, skim milk, wheat germ, and low fat protein. Always avoid ingredients like fat protein, cream, sugar, and nut butters.

Try to make use of natural ingredients that contain vitamins, minerals and fewer calories as compare to the processed things that have fewer nutrients and calories.

Tip 3

Take the advice from the physician before adding protein shakes to your diet; this is because they are responsible for the liver or kidney problems if you consume it many times in a day for a long period of time. Make sure that you don’t have any chronic illness that is responsible for the side effects of high protein intake.

Tip 4

Try to take protein drinks as supplements rather than the meal replacement; if you would like to replace your major meals with these protein drinks, try to replace only one meal with the protein drinks.

Low Calorie Shakes- Healthy & Convenient

Have a look on the top 2 low-calorie protein Shake;

1. Protinex Shake


· 1 chocolate protein shake cold
· 1/4th ounce container yogurt
· 2 tablespoons of protinex powder

Strawberry mix shake


· Strawberries 120 grams
· Grapes 50 grams
· Apple 100 grams
· Whey 15 gram
· Flavored water
· 6 ice cubes

Low Calorie Creamy Shake


· 1 banana (substitute strawberries)
· 2-4 tablespoons vanilla pudding mix
· 2 cups fat free milk
· grated nutmeg
· Sugar substitute to taste

These low calorie shakes alone can’t deliver all the nutrients that your body needs; you must take these these drinks with the low calorie meals to get a more balanced diet.