There are several characteristics and skills that are associated with good lawyers including extensive knowledge regarding the law and legal procedures. Certain skills determine how successful an attorney will be in both business and practice.


A self-motivated lawyer is an individual who has a clear sense of direction in their professional capacity. Lawyers are required to have the ability to keep themselves inspired and know the areas that they need to improve on. Since lawyers are all unique in terms of their needs, they need to be able to identify their changing needs and be willing to learn more to accommodate these changes.

Willing to Learn

Good lawyers should always be on the lookout for opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge. This will enable them to enhance the quality of their work and practice. Learning is a lifelong process that every lawyer should be committed to due to the value and impact that it has on clients. Learning constantly adds value to your partners and practice.

Communication and Persuasion Skills

  • Communication skills are vital for lawyers and go beyond the ability to send or receive information. Effective communication involves knowing how to negotiate, investigate and even interview.
  • Strategies of persuasion need to be studied and improved because they make it possible for a lawyer to transform different aspects of the law into a convincing case.
  • Being aware of such techniques is necessary for any lawyer who wants to thrive in a competitive legal environment. Click here for thehoustondwilawyer firm.

Analytical Thinking

Along with being an analytical thinker, a lawyer requires practical skills that will facilitate their work. Training at law school develops the skills that individuals have while preparing them to apply such skills in the future.

Looking For A Lawyer? Top Characteristics Of Good Lawyers


Persistence and resilience are not skills that can be adopted while studying at law school. These are among the personal characteristics that lead to a successful career in law. Successful lawyers should be able to withstand challenges and recover from them.

Integrity and Problem Solving Skills

  • A lawyer with integrity is committed to upholding professional values and standards throughout their career. This is necessary for being able to play a role in ensuring that justice is duly administered.
  • Problem solving skills enable lawyers to maintain a proactive and effective approach towards helping their clients reach viable practical solutions.
  • Good lawyers focus on the problem and weigh different options when handling the concerns of their clients.

Working with Different People

Within the current working environment, it is necessary for lawyers to have the ability to work with other people, especially in groups. Legal challenges continue to be complex and usually require team effort. Working in groups makes it easier for people to deal effectively with complex legal issues.

An increase in the number of complex cases also makes it necessary to manage various projects efficiently. Effective project management involves being able to focus on the objective while adhering to deadlines, managing details and getting the job done. A successful lawyer has to be able to establish a relationship that is based on trust with clients, partners and peers.

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