Locksmiths Could Save A Business

When you are the manager of a facility that has sensitive information or valuable equipment on the inside, you realise that managing it is a job that never ends. The same goes for security.

If there happens to be a security breach in any facility, you will wind up getting the first notification. The second person to respond to the scene is usually the locksmith. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that a locksmith does a lot more than simply make keys for locks.

A trained locksmith is usually someone who can stay updated with the latest advancements in modern technology and seize the moment to analyse and provide useful data about the level of security within the facility. There are many ways in which employees can enter a facility and a locksmith needs to know how to deal with all of them.

Luckily, if you are looking for a professionally qualified locksmith Malvern has a whole range of operations that you can look to, for the solution to your security problem.

Keyless Methods

In the modern world, keys have been all but phased out of the more secure areas of facilities. They have been replaced with the latest and greatest technological marvels in the field of security. A good, trained and certified locksmith can handle most of these security methods themselves.

Card access

This is a popular way of providing keyless security at companies. Employees are given an ID card that has a magnetic stripe or a chip on the back. Some doors within a facility are constantly locked and have a card unit on the outside.

An employee with the right access level simply has to swipe the card down the unit and the door will be unlocked after checking the data on the magnetic stripe against the data in the company database. While it may seem complicated, it is at its most basic level, a simple door lock.

Because of this, a locksmith is usually well-versed in the installation or maintenance of such a card access unit. This is only true if they are well-trained. This can be ensured by only hiring a locksmith who has previously been tested, certified, and recommended by security advisors.


These are a method of entry that have been around for quite some time. They function in the same basic way as the combination on a digital safe works. However, it has been realised that keypad locks are quite easy to hack into if the burglar knows what they are doing. Due to this, these keypad based systems are being boosted with extra security systems.

It works through simply typing in a predetermined PIN that can be checked by the computer in the keypad unit. If the PIN matches the one in the system, the door is unlocked. Keypads aren’t mechanically powered locks, but work using a battery which lasts for a few years before giving out. They usually have indicators for when the power in the batteries gets low.

The job of a locksmith in this case is to find out what is wrong with the system. If the batteries are the problem, the locksmith needs to be able to remove the batteries and charge them up without damaging the complex circuits inside the unit. This is a delicate task, so the chosen locksmith should be someone bound and insured to ensure protection against possible damages.


Safes are a common way of keeping the most valuable components of the business under lock and key. In the modern world, this phrase is only figurative, as the days of safes having keyholes and keys are all but gone into the history books.

Instead, most safes today are digital, meaning that they either have a keypad entry system or even a biometric scanner. Some other mechanical safes do exist. Instead of a key, they have a combination lock that uses a dial and tumblers to open the door.

When buying a safe for a facility it is important to buy one from a trusted and qualified locksmith. These individuals are very well versed in how to install the safe in such a way that it simply can’t be removed from its hiding place during a theft.

It is very important that the safe is maintained regularly to ensure that it is hidden, protected and in good working condition. If the safe is in a banking facility and it doesn’t open because the locks are rusted or just stuck, the business is going to be on the verge of collapse.

A locksmith is able to maintain the safe in such a way that it is always running smoothly and consistently.

Locksmithscan truly save a business, especially if you do your research and hire one that is both trustworthy, reliable and provides a high quality of service.

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