Apple’s trademark slogan, “There is an app for that” suits perfectly to the present scenario. The world of application is so wide that we have an app for almost everything. Looking to book a cab? You have Uber. Thinking of ordering something? There are online services that cater food directly at your doorstep. Trying to get gym session with the comfort of home, there are apps for that too. So, basically, we have an app for every concern. With a huge list of apps available almost for anything, the world of applications is still on a boom. It is also because of the mobile app development trends that we have so many apps for us.

List Of The Apps That Help You With Legal Task

As applications are available you will not be surprised to know that there are apps that offer legal assistance to the users. Care to know more about such applications? I am going to cover these applications in the write-up.

Let’s start

Ask A Lawyer

The app fetches you information about the best lawyers from the global arena. It also helps you to find similar services near your location. In case, you are looking forward to solve a query, you can chat directly with the lawyers. Suggestions from these professionals are sure to solve your legal query that will further speed up your legal proceedings. The app has a section that has information of lawyers from where users can check more about these professionals.

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Shake app is there for you to help when you are making a legal document for the very first time. Just browse through the long list of templates to choose the one that suits perfectly to your requirements. The best news about the app is that services are available for Android and iOS users alike. The templates have different types of legal agreements and contracts and thus depending upon their choices, the users can choose any template.

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Law Dictionary

In case you are facing difficulty while reading a legal document, Law Dictionary is there to help you learn the jargons. Just-type the word in the application and you will get a description that is easy to understand. The app has a long list of law journals and thus the users who are aiming to polish their memory with the legal jargons can browse through the application. The application helps the users get the hand of legal terms easily.


The web-based application provides assistance to the victims of natural disaster. So, the people affected with disasters like hurricane and other such calamities can look forward to a better assistance through the app. In such situations, the app alerts the users, keep them updated with the latest news, help them connect with legal professionals in order to get better assistance. In addition to all these assistance, the app offers the advice related to the situation.

In The Conclusion

The list of applications that help users in getting the legal assistance is much wider. However, I have compiled a list that has the best names to offer similar services. Getting assistance for legal query or a task becomes easier when the help is available in the form of an application. Getting legal assistance with the help of application is affordable also as compared to the services offered by the professionals. This way getting online assistance is not only reasonable but a lot convenient also. In case, you are also looking out for similar requirement, do browse through these apps to get the best assistance. Now that you know different mobile apps, you can easily enjoy the perks related to the same.