Counselling is a growing profession and has been around for years. Counselling psychologists are professionals that try to improve and foster normal functioning of the human mind by helping them solve problems, cope with the stresses of everyday life, and take decisions. But there are many accredited counselling courses you need to complete before becoming a certified counsellor.


Choosing a career in counselling and Psychotherapy can be a very productive choice, as the profession is not only lucrative but in high demand all over the world. It is a great choice when you are taking a fresh challenge or change of career path as with counselling, you can make a change in the society. Becoming a Counsellor, Psychotherapist or Hypnotherapy can be easy, if you are determined and know what you are doing.

To become a certified Counsellor or Psychotherapist, the first step and the most important place to begin is finding a respected and accredited counselling course. This shouldn’t be a problem as there are lots of certified counselling courses in the UK.

Chrysalis Courses is one of the best counselling trainers in the UK, established in 1998 and has produced many certified Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapy experts. Just as their motto states, “Let yourself grow” their counselling courses are well designed to enhance the life-skills of its students

Best Accredited Counselling Courses Available in the UK

There are lots of counselling courses in the UK and choosing the course that will be best for you depending on your current level of experience and training is very important. Some of the best Accredited Counselling Courses available in the UK are as follows;

Hypnotherapy & Counselling Skills Training Course

This course is often the starting point to becoming a counsellor; this course is designed to provide you with initial counselling skills as well as hypnotherapy practice. This course is recommended, especially if your main focus is hypnotherapy as it covers all the well-known hypnotherapy techniques such as weight loss, quitting smoking. You will need a counselling qualification at Level 3 or equivalent to start this course.

Counselling Skills & Theory Course

This is another accredited counselling course, which aims at developing students on the core model used on exploring the client’s past, present and future. The course is designed to train the student on the skills and techniques they can use to help their clients resolve their issues and achieve their goals.

Advanced Diploma in Psycho therapeutic Counselling Course

If you are looking to build a professional career in counselling/ psychotherapist then you need to take this course. This course is a route onto an Accredited Register approved by the Professional Standards Authority and also meets current professional requirements for counselor. This course will build and prepare you to be able to offer concrete help and appropriate solutions to clients.

Professional Diploma in Psychotherapy Counselling Practice Course

This is another accredited counselling course which will get you an AIM Awards Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and better prepare you for your professional career.

Higher Professional Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling Training Course

This is an advanced professional counselling course. This course will give you an AIM Awards Level 6 Higher Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling which will also provide public confidence in your services.


Each counselling course provides different levels of qualification and accreditation; where you will start will depend on your initial level of qualification and experience.

Chrysalis Courses is one of the best places in the UK offering accredited counselling courses designed to meet your needs and prepare you for your professional career. Their part-time programme easily fits into your busy lifestyles.

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